Him, mid twenties, fresh out of college, first proper job in his life. Thinks he's seen it all and knows it all, just appropriate for him to make blanket, stereotypical comments about an entire industry.

We've all been there, myself included. But please: try and don't be that kind of person. It's really, really embarrassing.

@fribbledom I knew a lot of people who had been in the same shop for 5 ~ 12 years into their 30s. There are not a lot of people who can make blanket statements about industry, unless they've been drug through startup culture or change jobs a lot.

I wrote this about jobs in a couple of different cities/countries. It's partially based on my experience and also what others have told me at meetups:



@djsumdog @fribbledom Nice that you touched on how the cities' history and dominant industry affected things. From my more limited experience this is what I've picked up on, too. There's a lot of cultural variation even just on the west coast.

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