important #gamer test, elekk; if you do not pass with at least a 70% score your gaming license will be revoked. thank you for your cooperation

The number of times Apple had been a creep on iOS is much lower than Google on android but this notification a few moments after opening audible is creepy.

Expanding the War on Christmas into the Thanksgiving territory by saying โ€œhappy harvest holidayโ€

I like this painting I did. I look at it a lot when I'm getting ready. I did it extremely fast, in about 30 minutes or so, without planning it out that much, and I think it worked in my favor that I didn't obsess over every detail of how I was gonna do it.

first world shit that makes me irrationally angry at capitalism 

remotes that come with ad buttons

fuck off i don't use netflix

uspol, the covid 

john delaney posted that we should pay people $1500 to get vaccinated. fuck it, why not :catto:

please now state your position on a crucial element of the season

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Do you like Sonic? Do you like golf? Do you wish you could somehow combine these two? It's your lucky day, Snolf Robo Blast 2 is here!

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