Unbelievable how far this has gone.

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Beyond the security sin of asking 1.5 million people to reveal the passwords to their email accounts, Facebook then used those credentials to secretly suck up all their email contacts: businessinsider.com/facebook-u

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Politicians use fear for their advantage and nuclear power makes this really easy.

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@RepAOC@twitter.com - Had Germany & California spent $680B on nuclear not renewables they would have 100% zero-emissions power by now

- solar and wind lock-in natural gas β€” & that’s the goal of D party donors eg @TomSteyer@twitter.com


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The comments here are really good food for thought.

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I found 1 original First Edition Trezor wallet from 2014. Collector item.
I'll give it to the best tweet about


2/ include

3/ tag at least one other friend to carry on the message (like a torch, no sats, just ideas :)

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Currently most people in first world countries are more or less ok with the currency system.

Till people feel a radical need, this will not change a lot.

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Because developers keep targetting first world users who don't have a need for decentralized applications. twitter.com/spencernoon/status

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It's hard to make simple and beautiful solutions.
It's easy to make complex and awful ones.
Choose according to your situation.

Not bad.

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Running bitcoind, @lightning@twitter.com lnd, @BtcpayServer@twitter.com & @ElectrumWallet@twitter.com personal server over @torproject@twitter.com on my @nodl_it@twitter.com.
Pointing @wasabiwallet@twitter.com & @bisq_network@twitter.com to my nodl.
Securing my coin joined sats with @COLDCARDwallet@twitter.com.

I think I am in heaven...

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Worth noticing.

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I've said that quote many times, on podcasts, in classes, in writing, etc. And it's always meant with this intent:

It is impossible to *know* all of a thing as complex as a language like JS. No one can retain all that. I don't, Brendan doesn't, nobody does.

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Am not fully convinced if everything it's true, but if it is its crazy :-D

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Received a new message over @Blockstream@twitter.com Satellite. It appears to be a treasure hunt for $1,000,000 in , with included GPS coordinates for the first part of the hunt! πŸ€―πŸ›°οΈπŸ”ŽπŸ—ΊοΈ satoshistreasure.xyz

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Always be critical about the opinion of new ideas till the criticism has been proved wrong by yourself.

Take valuable ideas and deliver them in a way that people can truly utilize them.

"Native SegWit inputs have a weight of 105 bytes, down from 140 bytes for Wrapped SegWit inputs and 297 bytes for non-SegWit Pay-to-Script-Hash (P2SH). That means Native SegWit inputs will be 25% cheaper than Wrapped SegWit inputs and 65% cheaper than non-SegWit inputs"

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Especially with the recent transaction fee spike, it should be exciting to get funds into native segwit unspents. Even if you're not receiving deposits to native segwit addresses yet, you could put your change into native segwit addresses already!


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My 4096 bit key fingerprint: 6801 C794 C170 906E C260 8F40 CEBB D7D1 3F1E 01E3
Also available at: keybase.io/dvg

Interesting opinions.
Nevertheless, this sets a clear sign about where everything is going. Regardless of Assange.

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Assange can go fuck himself. His double standards and leniency towards some totalitarian governments is a disgrace. Don't @ me. twitter.com/Lenin/status/11162

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Sad and unbelievable truth we are witnessing.
People who choose truth, have to pay for their actions.
Currently there are so much examples that state how much national laws are differing from reasonable and moral thinking.

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BREAK: Full @Ruptly@twitter.com video of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s arrest by British police this morning

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Vagrant box with Ubuntu 18.04, btc & lightning 😍
Exactly the stuff I needed, thx @janakaSteph@twitter.com

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Bitcoin-VirtualMachine is now hosted on Vagrant Cloud! Useful for hackathons and workshops app.vagrantup.com/bitcoin-stud

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is only for geeks. That's for sure.

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It has been exciting to the LN torch! I posted about this on my IG account & will be donating 10K sats to the first 21 of my followers who manages to send me an invoice! Let's see how well my followers can handle the .

@btcven@twitter.com @hodlonaut@twitter.com

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Really annoying to get this advertisement, keeping in mind that with Bitcoin my "e-payments" anywhere in the "WORLD" can be received within ~1/2 h and with instantaneous.

Somewhere embarrassing if you ask me.

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What has the ever done for us?
Your e-payments anywhere in the EU should be received within 1 working day europa.eu/!vm78Bu

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Game theory, statistics, probability...

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@WhalePanda@twitter.com @FelixWeis@twitter.com It's a complex problem. We have past behavior (blockchain data), current demand (mempool), a distribution of fee estimator service usage and the fact that bulk tx from exchanges are hard to predict (also heavy arbitrage trading is hard to predict). I bet this will stay "unsolved"

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