"Open in tor button" - cool feature @brave@twitter.com

Hope Mozilla takes the curve.
Their hosted docs, browser,... are great. But honestly I'm not sure *privacy* alone gives people enough reasons to use Firefox and the related products.


Now, they can even dance better than you...

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It's pretty awesome how dancing makes robots less intimidating. Looking forward to seeing more nontrivial Machine Learning on these robots. Credit: Boston Dynamics.

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Note: have in mind discords lacking privacy features like missing E2E encryption when using it. It's a trade-off I'm unhappily taking.
Hoping @discord@twitter.com takes it into its plans for the upcoming year.

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From google meet, slack, go to meeting, teams, ...@discord@twitter.com is my favorite remote tool this year.
Their quality and features is for the most part far better than the alternatives. Funny how some more formal groups avoid using it cause it's "gaming" image.


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🌠 One of my favourite little tricks: use a different favicon for localhost.

Makes it super easy to tell which environment you're working in, so you don't accidentally delete production data thinking it's dev stuff 😅

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Bad time to be working on a chromebook... 😬

> Warum will Horst Seehofer das Ende der Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung?

Leicht verständlicher @t3n@twitter.com podcast mit @Senficon@twitter.com 👍


Got T-1min into the launch...thought I was late : /

Wait, @github@twitter.com now also has a built in dark theme? Is it already Christmas ?

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Just trying out @ProjectJupyter@twitter.com with Jupiter lab and works like a charm 👌
You can use the power of Python, Markdown, Latex, ... with a nice editor that has a dark theme, vim support .... 🤯

13,5h 🤯

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A full Bitcoin Core (master) sync on a Apple M1 (ARM64) took 13.5h.

* up to block 659123
* sync against LAN peer
* compiled native arm64
* pruning enabled
* 5GB dbcache

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The **it's latte now** part 😂

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Coffee people: 18.42 grams finely ground coffee, water at 94.2 degrees, bloom 30.4 seconds, stir counterclockwise 2.5 times...

Literal inventor of AeroPress: Scoop some coffee in. Pour some water. Press. Microwave with milk after yolo it's a latte now.


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Reducing/Turning off animations on your desktop environment makes changing windows, workspaces, ... actually faster.
If you don't need fancy animations, give it a try.

It's live!

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🔊We're live now!🔊
Tune in and enjoy the second Flutter Coffee Show with us!
➡️ youtube.com/watch?v=QJHhv5tTRd

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Ethereum accidentally hard forked🍿

Infura (which many "dapps" connect to) was on the minority chain and is now down...

The software that introduced the accidental hard fork is now being pushed, but why would that be the "real" Ethereum? Imo the pre-fork version is more legit🤷‍♂️ twitter.com/nikzh/status/13264

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Funny, when you want to map a key to an action(vim, tmux , ...) and it turns out you already have a keybinding for that you just forgot about xD

This +using macros saved my lot of time for a repetitive task. Found in @vim_tricks@twitter.com 👌 vimtricks.substack.com/p/vimtr

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