sudo rm -rf /


Anyone need a job? A position just opened up


A few months old, but it still has some inspirational gold nuggets.

is a vicious cycle.

When you grasp the core principles you want them everywhere.

In every editor, shell, browser...

And the worst, you never learn out.

A spectacular financial crash, political manipulation of prices, a lost faith of the public in the banking system, the printing of Money to pay off debt & the start of a huge revolution.

All these patterns are not new & still repeating.

"Globally, 1.7 billion people don’t have access to sufficient banking,... []...less than half the world’s population had internet access and the rate of growth was slowing"

That's the opportunity!

Great maintenance ideas for lnd nodes.

RT Do the exact opposite:

- monitor and manage your node on a regular basis.
- monitor channels balances and fee rates.
- monitor capital utilization.
- monitor n/w growth
- ensure availability
- ensure balanced channels
- keep track of the fee collected.


Interesting, but short interview between &

Key takeaways:
1. Build user friendly and secure software - - > Adoption
2. Improve : "stress more edge cases, watch it break, and then rebuild it to be even stronger than before."

The point of time is here, where people ask how to transfer to a wallet, having the coins on an exchange, not knowing how to withdraw them and obviously without ever having an actual local wallet.

Lightning and bitcoin are mainly the best "beta" software I am aware of.


We don't. We just think you're wrong and don't want to admit it. LN is in beta already ordinary people (mainstream users) can have no clue about bitcoin and still run a bar with


Just a small shout out to for the Safe Eyes program. I've not found something comparable for

That's really sad This was actually a great feature to keep up to date with interesting tweets..

Thx for trying to keeping it up.

A perceive organized structure will get more complex each time new items get reorganized into the whole structure.

It's better to dismiss than to reorganize.

After visiting turkey, some learnings:

1. Turkish people are one of the most friendliest ones I've encountered.
2. They can be very good in negotiating and selling.
3. Internet censorship is annoying. Mainly if you want to search for knowledge, but the site is blocked.

This sounds interesting 🤔

RT (1) Buy BTC with in local currency.
(2) Send a small amount to inbuilt wallet (instant with LN)
(3) Press ⚡ to tip cool posts.
(4) User withdraws tips to their own or other personal BTC wallet.



August 2018: Struggling arround with routing, outdated docs...
Februar 2019: You can easily play Games on the web using lightning interfaces.
Things develop faster and faster everyday.


We're LIVE!

After months of long nights and countless checkmates.
Lightning Chess♟️and Koala Studio 🐨🎮 are finally ready for prime time.

Come experience the new Lightning Network-powered gaming experience ⚡️


> My first thought is always someone else’s; it’s always what I’ve already heard about the subject, always the conventional wisdom.

> Bitcoin is anarchy — without rulers, but not without rules. The rules are defined and enforced by individual participants on the network.

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