So I wanted to pull some money from the ATM today and it was apparently malfunctioning. All I could see is the "Shutting down" screen of Windows 7. Why are ATMs using Windows in the first place?

A blog post about my most favourite mobile app, which is also the least used one I have installed.

Windows 11 now runs android apps. You kbow, kinda like anbox on Linux. 🐧

@derek A friend of mine recently showed me this program and my god is it a privacy nightmare masquerading as "time tracking" software. Here, see for yourself. Oh I see. Seeing that they were bitching about Visa blacklisting them as if it was a violation of their "free speech" should've been a red flag. Good to know that these pricks are getting what they deserve. wait what's Gab anyway?

Pro tip:

If you're annoyed by the wall of text every time you ssh into your Debian or Ubuntu server all you have to do is

touch ~/.hushlogin

For the love of God please stop using Electron, just stop. Don't cram an entire Chromium browser into your shitty desktop app.

Utterly disgusting. The management of this company should be ashamed of themselves.

Child spends $16K on Mom's iPad on micro-transactions in predatory games.

Apple refuses to refund the payments.

HN commenters blame the mother.

Presumably so that they don't have to reconsider their own predatory business tactics.

@boilingsteam @acdw @sir You're literally simping for a multi billion dollar corporation basically stealing $16k from a parent. Disgusting.

@dammn I made a pretty standard setup:

* Postfix for SMTP
* Dovecot for IMAP
* OpenDKIM
* Spamassassin for combating spam

I also enabled postfix and dovecot jails in fail2ban.

I plan to further integrate it with ClamAV to scan the emails for malware.

So far so good. The service is working flawlessly.

@distrotube You can just use j4-dmenu-desktop and continue using the dmenu we all know and love.

That's why I said fuck you to gmail. I'm planning on moving over my domain to my own email server soon.

@sir And people thought I was a madman when I said that spawning an entire instance of Chromium for a desktop application is nuts.

@sir You're a smart guy, but can we talk about this attempt at poetry? 😂

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