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At @mediacurrent@twitter.com we're looking to hire a project manager and a client manager, both remote positions (for tax purposes you must be based in the US). Hit me up if you have any questions about them.

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Listening to the latest @LaravelPodcast@twitter.com, wish I could have introduced @devwithlando@twitter.com to that conversation, would have been fun!

Hardware really just works with Apple stuff. Plug in my Focusrite interface, and I just get clean audio, etc. If I didn't need Docker development speed and more storage / compute for my dollar for my day job, I'd probably be running Macs again too.

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As of April, I am 'daily driving' an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 as my main computer for work and home (web developer). I've spent most of my time in the web dev industry on Apple hardware. If they can get virualization / containerization right, I'll probably switch back.

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So I've been reflecting on the keynote, and despite the fact that I have almost none of @Apple@twitter.com's consumer products anymore (because of cost), I really like how much they emphasized on-device machine learning. Makes me want to get some more Apple stuff, but its just too $$

The design changes on @github@twitter.com seem to be freaking people out. This change reminds me that I still can't alter the syntax highlighting on Github which means I'm stuck with their super hard to read colors. Can swapping the colors of that be the next UI thing please @github@twitter.com?

Just started using . Vim keyboard controls out of the box, I can rest easy.

It took a lot of work to get here, if you were waiting for the stable release to jump into the pool, now's your time. I promise its the easiest Docker based dev environment to use, and the most powerful to extend, ask me questions if you get stuck!

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Huzzah! The first Lando stable release is out. Read more about it buff.ly/3emTcrc and make sure you come to our release party!

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If you are either currently using the @TwitterDev@twitter.com API or have in the past, I would love to chat with you. We have some exciting things going on and I would love to showcase developers work, answer questions and help, if necessary. DM's are open. RT's appreciated.

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Last month @devwithlando@twitter.com hit a huge milestone. We didn't toot the horn too loudly, but we hit the big 3.0: blog.lando.dev/2020/06/22/land , . , , , (and more) peeps rejoice!

Important bio update today to let the community know my amateur status.

I find myself doing this kind of thing in and I wish I could just directly chain the ->getValue() call off the first and deal with an empty field there. Anybody have a better way of doing this?

I know it's petty and so un-important, but I miss getting almost everything I bought in a day or two.

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πŸš€Be sure to check out @aaronfeledy@twitter.com on Saturday July 11th at Drupal Camp Asheville 2020 Online Edition! His talk "Deploy to Mars with Lando" is going to be out of this world!

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Thing I am slowly learning, refactoring a @github@twitter.com integration from an Ouath app to a Github app is daunting. I hope it is worth it in the end because I am spending a LOT of time and changing a LOT of code.

The kids now use this machine as their main computer, but in a past life, it wrote the first lines of code for Dropship CI, it also did my first solo consulting work. I really wish I could have the power of my Zephyrus G14 in that machine's chassis

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Of all my hardware purchases over the last decade, nothing really beats the secondhand 2015 macbook air (maxed out) I picked up in 2016 for $600 because of a case dent. Sure its under powered by today's standards, but no machine FEELS this nice, even my newer macbook pros.

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I can’t .... something has to change immediately.

This is chicago tonight

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I watched this live and was so pissed when he dismissed the question with these insults

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When questioned by reporters about emerging video evidence of police using batons to beat peaceful protesters in New York, Governor Coumo denies its happening & calls the journalists question "a little offensive;" "incendiary rhetoric," and a "hyper-partisan rhetorical attack."

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