When the whole "You're not a professional unless you use xdebug thing dropped, this talk was what my brain was searching for" youtube.com/watch?v=zKyv-IGvgG

Also setting the timeout in my actual job classes! Seems that isn't needed when specifying a timeout on the queue worker on the CLI but is needed when your horizoning

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Reached out to discord after posting here and it looks like I was missing a php artisan horizon:terminate after changing my daemon config from what I can tell

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Yo Horizon + Forge users. Do you have issues configuring your job timeouts when using Horizon? I have no issues when I just configure a regular queue worker, only when using Horizon. I tried to modify the supervisor config and restart horizon but that didn't work. ideas?

Sometimes I think I am really really good at this web dev thing, then I spend a couple of hours of a saturday trying to debug why my app is comepletely broken to find that I accidently added three letters to a line of code in a file at some point in the past that broke it all.

There is a big backlog of interviews on @fullstackradio@twitter.com that I just realized I had never listened to and want to. I love when I find a little cache of podcasts I haven't heard yet

You can smash it if you like to, cuz I do what I want

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How do you feel about clicking on things?

If you’re a Statamic fan, how about a little old click on the Github star?


No need to smash it or anything — this isn’t YouTube. A gentle tap should do the trick. 😊

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A little preview of the article stubs I've created for the near future, started writing the first one early this morning. Trying to channel my inner @dhh@twitter.com with a spicy one or two in the list. Excited for @laernu@twitter.com and I to start kicking it into gear.

💖 I'm sponsoring @statamic@twitter.com because… building websites has changed my life, and Statamic is making it easier to do than ever before. github.com/sponsors/statamic?s

No wonder stuff was down earlier when I was trying to migratify my blog

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Been working with @statamic@twitter.com v3 over the past few days. Holy shizzle, I have never had a smoother experience putting words on the interwebs. The cool writings starter kit is 2 legit 2 quit. Seriously.

My day to day life in 2020 seems to mostly be hanging out in as many chat applications as humanly possible. Trying to be omnipresent is exhausting, but I also enjoy chatting with people a little too much

The Laravel community also gives you the feeling that pretty much anyone can use the tools and build something successful. There is definitely some magic in here that just doesn't exist in the other communities I've traveled in during my professional life.

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I've been doing Laravel on the side for a few years now, and I'm still not an expert, but I've been working on a SaaS product with my friend Lauren, something that would not have been possible without Laravel.

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When I discovered Laravel, the similarities to Rails allowed me to Voltron together my Rails knowledge with the years of practical real world experience I now had with PHP, I no longer had to keep investing in two entirely different stacks.

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I could consult for years with JUST my Drupal skills and make damn good money building websites for people until I can no longer type or program for one reason or another.

Problem was, I couldn't really work on my own ideas and just create something myself.

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For a long time I was sort of doing double duty, trying to get experience on rails projects so I could move the direction of custom apps. Its just a different experience from building *websites* for people using a popular CMS. The tools are optimized for site owners, not devs.

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When I started web-devving around 2012/2013, I got into rails, then my first web gig was doing Drupal and that stuck for a few years. I wanted so desperately to get back to the dev-focused framework experience I loved from my taste of rails, but had invested heavily in PHP

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Initially, @laravelphp@twitter.com was inspired by Rails.

But these days, it feels like it's *Laravel* that's influencing the rest of the web dev world.

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Sometimes I really miss Ruby just auto returning the last line of functions when I am working in Node

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