@calculsoberic Waterfox most of the time. Ungoogled chromium when I need a Chromium based browser.

@jaz correct. However balkan.fedive.rs is focused on Serbian/Croatian speaking population so I think that the center is actually somewhere around center of the border between Bosnia and Serbia (since Serb/Cro speaking countries are Croatia, Bosina, Montenegro and Serbia).

@nikolal I'm not saying that the services aren't connected. I'm saying that people don't seem to get creeped out by those ads. I do hope that people realize what is happening and how that is affecting them but I can't see people realizing and I can't see why it would happen once ads start on WhatsApp.

@nikolal I'm not really sure that would happen. Facebook servers accurate ads on their website. Also Instagram, YouTube, Google and any other website that uses those little ad boxes. People still use those services even tho they're really creepy when it comes to ads. If we're talking about technical people, sure, some of my friends are moving to DDG and federated social networks and services.

@kriive @kev a cleaner way would be to do a merge instead of rebase since rebase rewrites history. You could create a merge commit that mergest upstream/master and origin/branch where master is the projects master branch and branch is your dev branch. This way you don't get cases where a current commit has an older timestamp than the previous. Keep in mind when doing that, you'll need to have an up to date master brach.

I have to admit, pamac-gtk 10.0 looks sexy af 👌🏻

@selea well if it can run Java, it should be able to run a Minecraft server with no problems 😀

@nikolal you could also use 450xx driver. That will also force installing the new nvidia driver for other kernel versions installed so user will have to manually install kernel modules for each other kernel version installed.

@yarmo I don't really mind using the tool that's just right for the job. However, I use a HDD for my desktop so I'd rather burn to death than watch that painfully slow loading animation on Windows.

@markosaric there are tons of really useful and cute apps actually made by the Gnome community. Dialect (google translate client), Boop-GTK (scriptable scratch pad with lots of already added scripts for formating text), Blanket (background sound player), Apostrophe (distraction free markdown editor) and my favourite, a very simple torrent client, Fragments. Hope you find some of them useful 😊

Does anybody know of an IP geolocating service that doesn't track request data (ips)?

Tootle crashes on Manjaro and Gnome Social isn't close to being usable. Hope that changes very soon because I can't stand this web UI.

@selea @dym I saw once a piece of software that offered a Telegram group chat. I think God left us at that point.

@pcrock do you by any chance know what other ports could be open on such firewalls?

@spences10 well yeah 😅. It usually happens to sysadmins 🤣. However Windows is getting better over time so it's not as bad as it was before.

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