@celia I agree with Charles. I have several friends that are quite older than me (I'm in early 20s and they are in their 50s). Most of things they have trouble with today is learning new technologies. There is far too many things ot learn in order to make something very simple. Add to that that they need to figure out which tecnology they wan't to pick. It's the same on both backend and frontend. Just seems like everything is so bloated and you really need to know everything.

rootless docker, forum post 

@celia rootful docker does that.

rootless docker, forum post 

@celia redhat.com/sysadmin/image-stor This is a link to the post about podman. IMO if you use Docker, you should either use rootless and have different dirs for each user or use "rootful" and add users to the docker group. Another option is to host an image repository locally (at your home) so you can quickly pull images that you want to use. That wouldn't share any volumes between users but if you wan't to share volumes...

rootless docker, forum post 

@celia from what I know, idea of rootless docker is to spearate image storage, volumes and containers between users. It is not intended to share the same root directory between two users. It is basically not possible to do that as you've seen with docker setting 711 persissions. Podman has some ways to share images (only images, not volumes) between users by creating storage dir that can be accessed by multiple users.

@danarel they've (Arch) added a new repo, Gnome-unstable, which contains some v40 updates. They seem to be trying out how everything works together before releasing it as stable. I usually wait a fiew days, especially on drastic updates like these, for everything to settle down in order to mizimize the possibility for crashes.

@celia you could also just use Docker in "rootful" mode and add your user to the docker group. Imo, it's fine for a local setup but you probably won't be doing that on servers.

@yarmo and less prone to breaking. On Ubunutu I've usually had to reinstall if I wanted to update to the next version whereas on Fedora, updates just work. Arch is neat in that perspective since it's a rolling release (basically no os versions, just packages that are constantly being updated) however that in rare cases can cause instability (more often than on other distros).

@yarmo on the topic of needing a change, I'd like to chime in. I also felt that at some point after using Ubuntu for 2-3 years. I've run Debian and Arch a cuple of times but mostly stuvk on Ubunutu. Currently I'm using Manjaro (probably going to switch ti Arch) and Fedora. Fedora is an excellent pick for developers and researchers (a lot of scientific programs in official repos). I really like it and actually prefer it over Ubuntu because in my experience it's less buggy and...

@nikolal Igor Pavlov (developer of 7zip) indicated in one comment that 7zip for Linux would have the same license it already has, LGPL. It seems he just didn't want to release the source yet in order to polish everything. After all 21.01 is an alpha version and there is also some trouble with compiling it on some platforms.

@kev @Mastodon yeah, you're right. They forked it in 2019 and tried to avoid bans and blocks from app stores. They were blocked by almost all of the fediverse including Tusky (Mastodon android app) so they were basically at the same point as before, just running on a Mastodon fork.

@kev @Mastodon iirc, Gab is not a fork of Mastodon but at some point it could federate with it. Nobody wanted to play with them so they left fediverse I think.

@jorges @celia tbh, it looked a bit different to me. I don't know why 😅

@selea I'm a bit confused by how it works. Is their goal to let developers use only one auth service for OAuth2 authentication? It seems to me like Dex authenticates users on every specified connector in the config yaml. Does it try on user "sign in" to authenticate them on all available services or the user can still pick which service? It seems like a solution to all my headaces but it kind of looks too good to be true 😅

@hjertnes @celia that seems reasonable. Dependencies do tend to be a problem in Node.js projects. You can't just set them up and forget about them.

I've seen that poeple use Gatsby because of <Image/> component which can optimize images or something like that. Do you by any chance know if there is any difference between using that and optimizing images beforehand.

@hjertnes @celia does that include Gatsby? If yes, why is it a poor choice? I'm curious since I prefer static sites but if there are some benefits to Gatsby, I'd like to experiment with it.

@celia not really working as a frontend dev (I'm still a student 😅) but I love everything from servers and sysadmin stuff all the way to web design and frontend dev 😁

@calculsoberic Waterfox most of the time. Ungoogled chromium when I need a Chromium based browser.

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