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(*currently) my favourite song by my favourite artist:
Joni Mitchell - Same Situation

The song, the arrangement, the performance - perfection!

*my favourite song changes constantly, and my favourite artist changes too - but it's usually Joni

1980, The Damned, The History fo the World Part 1

My favourite punk band of all time:

just updated to 19.0.2

I started using Nextcloud at version 10x and have never had any problems...

...except the update from 18x to 19.0.1 which stopped half way through and I had to delete a .step file to continue.

Not bad at all! 👍 👍 👍

-- that problematic transparent <table> border *can* be rendered as a box-shadow 👍

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also there is a bug in chromium -- if you have a transparent border (no matter where is is -- <thead> <tr> <th> <tbody> <td> ecc..) it renders *below* the table cells on the first column 😠

always 🙄

*BUT* only if you are using the [colspan] attribute!!!

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Hooray for <colgroup> <col>, :first-of-type, :last-of-type, :nth-child(x)…

…without you all it would have been a mess of classes

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tables done properly are NOT simple! I've wasted at least an hour and a half just getting the alignment and styling of the columns / rows to match my design. (obviously using as little css as possible!)

I've released new version of — the high-quality #GIF encoder.

If you need to upload clean-looking GIFs somewhere (e.g. #gamedev demos), that's the tool!

Finally worked out how to make a non-dyadic* time signature in Musescore that actually plays back at the correct speed

*more commonly called 'Irrational time signature' which is a awful name mathematically.

big fan of radical left-wing ideologies like "compassion" and "treating people with respect"

The hardest, heaviest line ever written - Symphony nº6, - 1808…

…still not beaten 212 years later!

I'm only getting second-hand reports, but I'll say it in case there's anyone listening that needs to hear it:

When people speak of racism, they are talking about a system - a specific system, which demonstrably exists today, and which has been a very consequential and deeply-connected component of the modern period.

If you find yourself wanting to talk about racism-like systems in other times, consider carefully whether you are in a situation where that would be appropriate, relevant, and respectful.

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