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I've released new version of — the high-quality #GIF encoder.

If you need to upload clean-looking GIFs somewhere (e.g. #gamedev demos), that's the tool!

Finally worked out how to make a non-dyadic* time signature in Musescore that actually plays back at the correct speed

*more commonly called 'Irrational time signature' which is a awful name mathematically.

big fan of radical left-wing ideologies like "compassion" and "treating people with respect"

The hardest, heaviest line ever written - Symphony nº6, - 1808…

…still not beaten 212 years later!

I'm only getting second-hand reports, but I'll say it in case there's anyone listening that needs to hear it:

When people speak of racism, they are talking about a system - a specific system, which demonstrably exists today, and which has been a very consequential and deeply-connected component of the modern period.

If you find yourself wanting to talk about racism-like systems in other times, consider carefully whether you are in a situation where that would be appropriate, relevant, and respectful.

NEVER, EVER out of curiosity run Disk Utility First Aid on your Time Machine backup disk.

You will wait…
…and wait…
…and wait…

…on the plus side: the disk is hot enough to cook bacon

Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

Btw, Instagram is totally not visible to people without an account now.

They've phased it out over time, hoping no one would notice.

Promote @pixelfed 🌈

So, someone has filed a bug report about the accent colour issue:

But the thing is, if they DON'T look like the standard OS controls and you then style them to look look the standard control - your modified styles WON'T change colour with the system accent color 🙄

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Don't like the new form elements in Chromium 83

1. They're not like the OS form controls
2. They don't change colour when the os accent colour changes (on macOS)
3. They are somehow clumsy.

Instagram Import beta is rolling out tomorrow!

It's Opt-In so not all instances will support it on launch. #pixelfed

MicroUI will allow users to experience the fediverse with a single account.

Shipping soon! 🚀 :pixelfed: #Pixelfed #MicroUI

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