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I actually downloaded the Mac :twitter: app about 2 weeks ago just to see what it was like…

…looked at it once…

…just deleted it.

"Google it" is increasingly unacceptable advice in the face of personalized search results - a subject expert may receive very different links than a newbie for the same search.

Current status:
Putting display: flex; on *everything*

Just released an update (v1.3.4) for my Notes app.

Various interface improvements.

I'm looking at implementing search next, but want to get it right - so far I'm looking at stemming algorithms and stop word lists…

..whatever I do I need to be (possibliy) multilingual!

After a week of using I've found out the thing that's not so good about it (the UK version, anyway...)


Maybe my favourite Bowie song is Ashes to Ashes - listen to it!

The arrangement is impeccable.

If you're in to such things the video is awesome too

Since I was old enough* to know exactly what music was I have loved the Beatles.

*note: nearly 5 years old when I started to play the violin.

But, as I age my I ideals change a bit...

I can't help thinking, each time I listen to Bowie, that he is maybe even a bit better?!?!?

Musically, Artistically, lyrically. And maybe also more consitent...

...of course 'I am the Walrus' is still the best song ever written!

Listening to Bowie...

'My brain hurt like a warehouse...'


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