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My site has one sass file that contains all the svg assets.
I saved them from sketch using the svgo plugin and thought i'd done a good job of optimization - the entire file was only 42kb.

I've just run the individual svgs through SVGOMG

and reduced the entire set of assets to only 16kb!

Feeling pretty pleased with the result of my site audit (using Brave Browser)

If there was a hand shaped country it probably would be more recognisable that this one. But as there isn't, this must be the most recognisable country in the world...

I've been using the Brave Browser beta as my default browser for a few days now...

SubEthaEdit 5 now available free of charge in the App Store and as direct download. The complete source code with history going back 15 years is also available under the MIT License.

I'm currently trying out the Brave Browser beta my default desktop browser.
So far it's looking really good!

Something I miss from Web 1.0

Links. We loved links and used them everywhere. The more links the better. Click on a word or phrase and whoosh!... it took you to where you'd expect that word to take you (if you did it right).

I miss that. Tacking on a url at the bottom of a tweet or a toot seems a sad replacement. But embedded links take some thought. And a little effort. But our posts were so much richer then (We're younger than that now)

it's no mistake that Mozart used D Minor for his requiem

@aral @jotbe * Never browse anything using Chrome :D (same problem with local, private html)

"RSS was an essential part of Web 1.0 before surveillance capitalism (Web 2.0) took over. It will be a cherished part of Web+ and beyond."

Dem Kuketz-Blog per RSS folgen:

Can anyone offer any advice on setting up a pihole?

Proud Dad :)
I just found this - my son has got a sheet of manuscript and written something for guitar and drums 🤩😎😍

I used my new Nextcloud Notes Client app to write the github for itself... a bit carried away with the screenshot :)

Arse! - I left it too long whilst I was writing that last toot :(

I don't believe it - for the first time in 2 days and countless captchas Google has finally agreed I'm NOT a robot without asking any questions about bicycles or fire hydrants.

I'm almost disspointed

Q: "What makes Mastodon the new Twitter so incredibly immersive and addictive?"

A: the lack of social media managers thinking its the new hot place to dump their spam

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