@bernard I must admit I didn't know about it until now.

Looks interesting - I'll give it some thought!

Finally released Notes Client v1.3.6!
I've been pulling my hair out over a bug with context menus — it turned out to be a bug in the framework (7x) on 10.15x

I've had quite a few requests for checkbox lists — and here they are in this release:


Someone needs to tell these Hungarian scientists that the 'fifth force' is found in the SW universe, NOT Middle Earth.

I actually downloaded the Mac :twitter: app about 2 weeks ago just to see what it was like…

…looked at it once…

…just deleted it.

"Google it" is increasingly unacceptable advice in the face of personalized search results - a subject expert may receive very different links than a newbie for the same search.

@da well, of course it does depent on what is being built,
how you handle it
and of course this:

Current status:
Putting display: flex; on *everything*

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