Stevie Wonder describes the problem of the world in one verse:

Because it should never be
Just because some cannot see
The dream as clear as he
That they should make it become an illusion

Love Saturday mornings -- working on improved Touch Bar support!

Hi, I'm Troy McClure.

You might remember me from other social networks such as Twitter or Facebook…

This is a very useful app for Mac users:

with this setup I get 1 backup after I get home in the evening. Then another just before I get up in the morning.

Sketch is one of those apps that is so much better with a dark UI

There are other apps out there that do this but I like to think this has a nicer user interface - what with the transparent background - and more importantly, you can choose the interpolation used for resizing, to best suit your needs:

Nearest Neighbour

Making final checks and putting the finishing touches on my new app. Appiconset Generator generates full iconsets for and from a 1024x1024 design.

(Of course I used this app to generate it's own iconset)

Sometimes the hardest part of an app is the icon - icons are really difficult to get right!

two things about this:

1) I can't get over how Page manages to emulate the studio version of this on only one guitar :)

2) Page: seriously dodgy shirt and slacks combo :|

@Eternaljin good question -- I've been using ~Macintosch/Mac of various different types since the late 80's.
The last computer I bought was a MacBook Pro 2010.

I've just upgraded to the latest MacBook Pro.

the difference is phenomenal!

@replikvlt I can only speak from experience of using node/electron on the Mac -- I find it to be really good!

When Apple fist introduced the Touch Bar there were lots of articles on the internet berating it.

I got my new Mac 2 days ago, and I must admit that at fist I never even considered it -- it's just that row above the numbers right? -- I never used that on my old mac either, except maybe to adjust the brightness of the display.

Well, it turns out that the Touch Bar is fantastic -- it just takes a bit of getting used to!

update to Nextcloud 15.0.5 went smoothly as usual! 👍

Well, I think I've finally got my new Mac set up how I want it.

First app installed was KeepassXC
Second app installed was Nextcloud!

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