Xcode command line tools seems to be taking a while to install…

Went up into the mountains looking for fossils with my son and actually found Moria

Also, straight after you say NO they ask you ”Are you sure…“

YES -- I’m sure

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Always the same story…

After EVERY Mac update you always get asked to ”Sign In to iCloud“

I NEVER do -- and NEVER will

I had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday - absolutely no side effects. I hardly even felt the needle when it was stuck into my arm. I guess I've been lucky.

I stopped using Google products a few years ago so am currently OK.

Work email is down though! 😅

I have this vague idea that peanuts are really good for my health. It's based on the fact that I like peanuts.

I have the same idea about beer.

Agreed. The mind is definitely elsewhere whilst the body is sat at the desk working.

Back in the early 90's when I used to handwrite music (for guitar) on manuscript paper, I used to use 3 different colours of ink.
Black for notes, red for dynamics and green for finger positions

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Sometimes I think I actually prefer musical scores to recordings

Been using KeepassXC for several years now.

Like a fool I didn't listen to my own advice…
Still, despite the warning -- everything seems to be OK (for now!)

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