Back in the early 90's when I used to handwrite music (for guitar) on manuscript paper, I used to use 3 different colours of ink.
Black for notes, red for dynamics and green for finger positions

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Sometimes I think I actually prefer musical scores to recordings

Overall, which one would you use?

Please boost.

Like a fool I didn't listen to my own advice…
Still, despite the warning -- everything seems to be OK (for now!)

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Finished my application for Irish nationality 🇮🇪
Ready to post it now!


You seem to lead a far more interesting life than mine.
Unless this is some kind of computer game you're talking about.

@select about 35 minutes.
5 mins to measure and cut the pieces and 30 mins to get the angle right on the short piece

I made some art 

Phew, it took me scheduling myself time to work on this to actually finish it

I intended to do it the usual draw-reverse-carve way, like you would need to do if you wanted to print words, but I decided maybe I preferred it "backwards" when it came time to carve it. Now I'm not so sure but it was good to try and see

The inking itself was pretty rough too, I'm out of practice, but it felt good to get into it again 🍂🍄🍁

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