I was 15 when I first read The
I've since re-read it many times.
One of my all-time favourite books!
Now my 13 year old son has just started reading it... 😍

Xcode command line tools seems to be taking a while to install…

Went up into the mountains looking for fossils with my son and actually found Moria

Also, straight after you say NO they ask you ”Are you sure…“

YES -- I’m sure

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Always the same story…

After EVERY Mac update you always get asked to ”Sign In to iCloud“

I NEVER do -- and NEVER will

Sometimes I think I actually prefer musical scores to recordings

Like a fool I didn't listen to my own advice…
Still, despite the warning -- everything seems to be OK (for now!)

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-- that problematic transparent <table> border *can* be rendered as a box-shadow 👍

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tables done properly are NOT simple! I've wasted at least an hour and a half just getting the alignment and styling of the columns / rows to match my design. (obviously using as little css as possible!)

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