Don't like the new form elements in Chromium 83

1. They're not like the OS form controls
2. They don't change colour when the os accent colour changes (on macOS)
3. They are somehow clumsy.

So, someone has filed a bug report about the accent colour issue:

But the thing is, if they DON'T look like the standard OS controls and you then style them to look look the standard control - your modified styles WON'T change colour with the system accent color 🙄

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@duncanmid Did you know that both Chrome, Safari, and their derivatives reimplements the OS's native UI controls? They only look(ed) native.

@alcinnz yes, the point being that they look like the native controls and by default change accent colours like the native controls.

Now that they don't look like the native controls they must be styled if you want them to look like the native controls - thus losing the ability to change with the accent colours

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