Just released an update (v1.3.4) for my Notes app.

Various interface improvements.

I'm looking at implementing search next, but want to get it right - so far I'm looking at stemming algorithms and stop word lists…

..whatever I do I need to be (possibliy) multilingual!

@duncanmid Hi there! I’m getting an error after logging into my NextCloud instance. Are there any logs I can find somewhere that might help troubleshoot it?

Hi - sorry for the late reply. I had the same problem on my older Mac.

Were you running an older version, then upgraded to the latest version?

If so, then go into you ~/Library/Application Support/ folder and delete the 'Nextcloud Notes Client' folder.

You will have to log in again - but it should work.

(Also, thanks for the idea - I will include logging in the next release!)

@duncanmid No luck, unfortunately. Same error after wiping everything and starting over :(

Can you let me know which version of MacOS you're using?

Also, are you using any categories with your notes?

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