Can everyone just STOP using Google captcha 馃槧

@duncanmid What is the alternative you suggest? I been wanting to use something else, but most of the FOSS ones out there I have used are not effective.

Build a simple one yourself. Of you are not Google, spammers will think your site is probably not worth to implement another captcha cracker.

@hack13 @duncanmid
I use simple "The name of this site" questions on some smaller sites.

@hack13 @duncanmid reCaptcha is also effective in turning *real users* away. In 90% of all cases, I leave a site when that thing pops up. Got better things to do with my time then solving puzzles for 10 minutes (in case you don't know: it's rarely a single one, more likely about 10 times you've got to "prove" yourself marking all busses, shop fronts, whatever).


Yes, it's a real turn off.
I work for a company that build sites in WordPress and we put a Google captcha on all the wp login pages 馃が

It's *so* annoying - every time I need to modify a site I have to complete the captcha. It's also annoying because there are better ways to protect a wp login form!

Also, I'm annoyed that Google is mining my cognitive ability to recognize cars, busses, traffic lights, cross walks, store fronts, bridges etc.. for their own interests 馃が馃が馃が

@duncanmid @IzzyOnDroid So I need to come up with a better solution then, that isn't annoying but still prevents spam and boots from causing havock. Would like a simple stupid question or something that randomly changes be better I have seen some sites use math problems?

@hack13 @duncanmid Sure. I currently cannot name a single "replacement" that would be worse than reCaptcha 鈥 for the two main reasons given: 1) it's massively annoying (letting the user run in loops) and 2) it feeds Google (which in itself here covers 2 bad things: privacy issues, and "slave labor").

@IzzyOnDroid @duncanmid I can think of one, I can't remember the name but it was like MediaKey or something like that and it made you watch an AD before you were given a code to put in. Then there was another one that did like 30 seconds of crypto mining before you could click the box.

Those are both absolutely awful!
The almost make me think fondly of the fire hydrants and bicycles.

@duncanmid Is there some way to give feedback to sites that use captcha? Like "I didn't click through because I refuse to let captcha scripts gather my data". Other than just emailing them.... .which I guess I could do.

@duncanmid Last time I went through over 10 levels and gave up then.

Yes, it was doing that to me yesterday - like whack-a-mole except with low Res pictures of bicycles

@duncanmid The same for me. I failed with that bicycle level, too.馃槧

After bicycles it's store fronts, then really grainy pictures of bridges mixed with things that look like they might be bridges - just to make sure that you can't do whatever it was that you wanted to do - but Google get the data they want.

@duncanmid Can it be deactivated in the #Mastodon registration? I have a closed registration with invites only on my instance, and I don't want to diss people.

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