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Good progress made on my notes client app for this weekend.

Can now create new notes, delete notes and toggle favorites. Now I need to add support for categories...

..AND make the notes editable!

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Just released an update (v1.3.4) for my Notes app.

Various interface improvements.

I'm looking at implementing search next, but want to get it right - so far I'm looking at stemming algorithms and stop word lists…

..whatever I do I need to be (possibliy) multilingual!

After a week of using I've found out the thing that's not so good about it (the UK version, anyway...)


Maybe my favourite Bowie song is Ashes to Ashes - listen to it!

The arrangement is impeccable.

If you're in to such things the video is awesome too

Since I was old enough* to know exactly what music was I have loved the Beatles.

*note: nearly 5 years old when I started to play the violin.

But, as I age my I ideals change a bit...

I can't help thinking, each time I listen to Bowie, that he is maybe even a bit better?!?!?

Musically, Artistically, lyrically. And maybe also more consitent...

...of course 'I am the Walrus' is still the best song ever written!

Listening to Bowie...

'My brain hurt like a warehouse...'


For the record I *am* English -- this is *my* language!

'Been'? past participle of 'be'. Looks completely wrong to me. I haven't spoken or written English for a while -- it looks like Dutch or something ;)

Have been getting my Notes app to respect MacOS accent colors & correct use of transparency in the interface…

Once again a productive Saturday morning!

"Adobe is cutting off users in Venezuela due to US sanctions" Another example how dangerous it is to rely on proprietary and rented software. This can't happen to you if you build your business on top of #FreeSoftware which is the only software you really own.

MacOS accent colours with generated light and dark variants. (needed for an app).

Unpopular opinion I'm sure, but it turns out that is really good.

I think if Google actually cared about search, we would have some fairly sophisticated search features by now, such as the ability to narrow down a list of search results, or asking Google to not show us certain sites again. But it’s not about search. Search is just a vehicle for advertising.

Qualcuno può aiutarmi con questo...?

Qual è il modo corretto di tradurre:
“Encode entities” e “Decode entities”
in italiano?

Just broke a string on my Fender Toronado - and have no replacement of the right gauge :(


When an object passes the focal point of a concave mirror, its image inverts

Updated Nextcloud Notes Client app to v1.3.3.
If by any chance anyone is actually using this app, this version will now inform you if any new updates are available.

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