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Good progress made on my notes client app for this weekend.

Can now create new notes, delete notes and toggle favorites. Now I need to add support for categories...

..AND make the notes editable!

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Just listend to Derek And The Dominos - Layla -- not my usual poison but I love rock music that uses a Pianoforte!

Hopefully this afternoon I will be ordering a new computer!

After an *epic struggle I finally got Sharp working with Electron

*2 hours during which I also cleaned the kitchen and put out the rubbish (and did a lot of thinking)

If you enjoy Fedilab (previously Mastalab) and want to see it succeed, consider donating what you can to help the developer make it better.

The average cost of a premium app is probably $5. If everyone who used Fedilab donated that, that dev will have the right equipment to keep building in no-time.

This is just one of the many things you could do for any open source developer whose work you enjoy but cannot contribute to yourself <3

A little test - a simple app for generating Iconsets from a single .png

How did we let the Web get to this point. All I wanted to do was read this blog post.

If you already have access to the f-droid repository get New Pipe as a replacement for YouTube. It's basically free YouTube Red with no ads or tracking. Yay!

This is today's gift for being a greater part of the #FOSS movement!

Just updated Nextcloud to 14.0.6 - simple and trouble free as always 😎

A bit of work over the Xmas holiday: I've updated my simple Mac font manager ( MDG Font Manager ) to version 1.3.0.

Font folders are now watched when the app is not in focus, so that the app is updated if any changes are made manually or by another app.

I can see other peoples accounts from mastodon - but my own ( @duncanmid ) doesn't seem to be working properly :(

I can only see one post from October, and following doesn't seem to do anything :(

Random reminder to use a password manager if you aren't already! It'll help you stay safe online by using long, unique passwords for each service you use.

While LastPass or 1Password are great choices, I prefer KeePassXC

Official site:

Official quick-start guide:

My getting-started guide:

Updated my simple Mac font manager to v1.2.0 - added a seatch field and improved the glyph panel in the font preview window...

In just a couple of weeks of using the Brave Browser Beta…

1,730 trackers blocked
10,600 Ads blocked

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