Moved all my music off my Mac and in to . Now I can log in and listen @ work

Some elements I have never ever used:


Working on search functionality for my Notes app for notes.
I've got the basics working and it seems to be pretty fast.

Can't decide on the side of things at the moment 🤔

Also, I've used the cmd-F shortcut to toggle favourites so I need to change that as it's the normal shortcut for search on the

You can learn quite a bit about Quantum electrodynamics just by building an app, because *every* time you search for electron... something...

Whilst testing error messages in my notes client app I managed to get my IP address blacklisted 😂 *

Had to go in to the database and delete several entries in the oc_bruteforce_attempts table

Note to self: use the local test server for this kind of thing 🙄

* good to know it works well!

Just ran diagnostics on my Mac out of curiosity. It's the first time I've ever heard the fan running.

Meanwhile my old Mac (2010) sounds like a motorbike every time you open a web browser

Finally released Notes Client v1.3.6!
I've been pulling my hair out over a bug with context menus — it turned out to be a bug in the framework (7x) on 10.15x

I've had quite a few requests for checkbox lists — and here they are in this release:

I actually downloaded the Mac :twitter: app about 2 weeks ago just to see what it was like…

…looked at it once…

…just deleted it.

"Google it" is increasingly unacceptable advice in the face of personalized search results - a subject expert may receive very different links than a newbie for the same search.

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