My wife has a problem - there is an email buried in a several Gb .pst file that she badly needs.

I haven't been thrilled with free options for searching the .pst so far - they've been choking on a file that big.

I'm considering writing a module to do it, but the .pst spec is...wild.


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@dulanyweaver maybe try to import it into thunderbird or something? then you can search more precisely

@trwnh Thunderbird and Gmail have both choked so far. The original backup took on the order of 8 hours, so maybe the unzipping/uploading takes similar time?

@dulanyweaver idk, but thunderbird can handle a lot in my experience. it might just be your cpu being slow? i definitely understand gmail choking though, gmail can't handle more than 10,000 messages in the same folder very well

@dulanyweaver It's certainly not free, but it works really well:

(I have zero affiliation with the product, btw....I've just used it before)

@dulanyweaver I don't think you're gonna get a specific answer to this in a low traffic place like this, but you will get some empathy: good luck.

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