@dublinux Sort of have expressed a similar idea. Have a "fediwiki" project.. I should publish things more. (maybe i should publish or shut up)

It's like a forum with boost/star etc & you can see profiles, your timeline.. Well hopefully, it's "try it" tested. Wiki pages are little more than posts.. Was thinking you'd fill links to posts that do sections.

It doesn't do any federation.. Looked at the format I don't know where to start on that front.

federation wise, kindah thinking, blep what do i need, i just want instances/clients to ask for info about time-ranges, (or "everything after") with replies "here is upto..", and otherwise the odd "replies to this thing".

@dublinux git.sr.ht/~jasper/fediwiki hmm 🤦‍♂️ todo add readme.md in there..

Also like the focus how i did the project is kindah "write a basic interface first"..

Maybe a simple dumb protocol-first is another approach. Like gemini like in that a simple implementation is possible..

I like my code, tbh, but having an SQL command that combines, well for instance boost info, not very gemini-ie. Of course, suppose just because one client does it that way doesn't mean the protocol shouldn't allow it.

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