fedi's answer to Reddit seems to be going well. Federation appears to be working nicely.


And for anyone else who thinks hard-coded slurs are a bad way of moderating:

@wuwei @dublinux i agree that the hard-coded slur filter is a bad idea, but i'm not keen to boost a reference to MS #Github either. Lenny should move to a repo that's compatible with a free society.

@wuwei @dublinux Honestly, if whether you use a forum hinges on whether you can use slurs or no, I don't think I'd want you on any of the forums I frequent.

The slur filter isn't filtering swear words by the way, but actual SLURS. Words specifically intended to insult a group of people, who are often already marginalized.

I don't like the implementation of the slur system, not the existance of it.
I think the system was terribly made. The system being hardcoded means there is no option for personalization for specific instances(for example non-english or porn instances).
I don't agree with the main developers political stance anyway, so knowing he loves to hardcode stuff that should be instance specific makes me uneasy about the projects future.
Also I disagree with the current slur selection.

@wuwei The slur filter is actually extremely easy for instance admins to remove or modify, it's literally just one regex whose location is by now well documented, but the very existence of it is like a far-right/MAGA/anti-antifa/freeze-peach repellent, as evident by the scathing discussions about Lemmy in places where those people frequent, and to me, that's half the battle.

Also, the devs haven't hard coded anything BUT the slur filter all this time. Everything else is configurable.


Instance admins shouldn't be recompiling code just to customize their instance, especially when an alternative exists.

I'm not from the Anglosphere and not even sure what half those labels mean. I suspect it's to repel one spectar of radicals which is moot to me since the main developer is genocide-denying radical himself.

"I never did x BUT once and am still doing it". I mean it's the developers choice of course, all I'm saying is I personally don't care for it.

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