#lazyweb I want a tool where I can add like 3 or 4 possible times and send someone a link, and they can view the times in their own timezone and then select one of them from the list. Bonus if that results in a calendar invite being sent to both of us. Does this exist?


Don't know about other operating systems but on linux (and I think Mac) you can use the date command at the command line:

Want to know what time it will be locally when it is 12 noon in Sydney, Australia next Monday?

date --date='TZ="Australia/Sydney" 12:00 next Mon'

If you know how to write shell scripts you could incorporate this command into one.

date is part of the Gnu coreutils package

Other relevant links:



@dublinux yeah I have plenty of tools for me to be able to convert timezones, but what I specifically need is for someone else to be able to look at an invite I create in their own timezone, as well as the option to choose multiple. In any case it looks like Fantastical does exactly this and I've been using the app already and had no idea!
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