Re #introduction

Hi everyone, I’m moving over to from so I figured I would post a reintroduction

Well as my bio says I’m Shahaan—Canadian, mid-30s, I go by he/him pronouns and I’m vegetarian

I’ve been active on Mastodon for over a year now and I generally have positive interactions with people on here

I’m a Pakistani Zoroastrian by ethnicity, grew up in Toronto, and have a BA Anthropology from McMaster

I continue learning everyday

@dublinux Seems to be a well-moderated, friendly instance :)

Did you consider any other instances, as a matter of interest?

@dublinux Not many, I looked at a few where I follow others but several were either not accepting new users or needed me to request an invite from an existing user, others were too big (difficult to moderate, generally)

Small instances are definitely better if you're looking for a community. Better for the network too.

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