Here are a few links which are Peertube related. (Feel free to add more).

official account:
(building a directory of peertubers)
(search engine for peertube)
(curated Peertube with good quality selection of videos)
(public domain videos)

@dublinux @peertube

Not official, but this #peertube search seems to give more results with the ability to filter and find latest, most liked videos etc. Also to watch videos directly on the site instead of needing to visit the home instance.

@dublinux @peertube It's a shame that many contents of @tilvids instance aren't at least legally shareable (see “License” field/metadata of each video, or the video itself to see if it mentions any CC license, Free Art License, or any license from GNU for example). Also, many educational ones aren't free as in freedom (more than simply shareable, see )

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