Drew DeVault ( @sir )has a new blog entry making a case for the Web being dead.

"We have no recourse left to preserve the web. This is why I'm throwing my weight behind Gemini, a protocol which is much simpler than the web, and which you can implement yourself in a weekend. Forget about the web, it's a lost cause. Let's move on."


this is a bad take

Laid off 25% of its employees, mostly engineers, many of whom work on Firefox: this is a bad thing but i wouldn't call firefox an "embarrassment of open source"
Raised executive pay 400% as their market share declined 85%: see above
Sent a record of all browsing traffic to CloudFlare by default: easily disabled, cloudflare resolver is regularly and publicly audited by trusted firms to verify that it saves no user information
Added advertisements to the new tab page on Firefox: relatively unobtrusive, extremely easy and obvious to disable (there's a menu button next to it and a single click in that menu to disable it), and i'd also somewhat contest that this even counts as an advertisement considering that mozilla owns pocket. this is probably the most valid point on the entire page, though.
Used their brand to enter the saturated VPN grift market: uh, okay? why does this mean anything
Built a walled garden for add-ons, then let the walls crash in: what? the issue in question was fixed in literally 12 hours. and the addon store isn't even a "walled garden," i regularly install addons from github and my system package manager
Started, and killed, a dozen projects which were not Firefox: basically none of these gained any adoption whatsoever, it makes sense for them to kill them


I ran a poll recently on browser usage in Mastodon:

84% usage for firefox vs. 8% for chrome.

Admittedly polls on fedi are not scientific for various reasons.

There are a lot of people like myself who want to believe in Firefox but it is becoming harder and harder. I'll choose it over google's chrome any day of the week but if a viable alternative to the world wide web emerges which cuts out 90% of the web's unnecessary complexity I'll happily jump ship.

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