Have you ever used to search the fediverse?

It exists because it searchs 'public' toots. Follower only and DMs aren't included. If you don't want your toots to be indexed there is a checkbox in 'Preferences' under 'Other' marked 'Opt-out of search engine indexing'. Some instances default new accounts to having this checkbox already checked, some don't.

@dublinux well then what's the point in not having a proper search function in masto?

Good point, but it's up to the developers to provide that.

Some instances do have better search than regular mastodon either because they modify the mastodon code or because they are running different software.

Is this integrated natively into mastodon instances for global search?

As far as I know the search box on a regular mastodon instance is different from search dot social.
For a start search dot social will be searching the whole fediverse(unless opted out) whereas most mastodon instances don't federate with the whole network and will only be searching those they do federate with.

Well I guess it would be nice to have this type of search integrated into mastodon clients, and maybe some mastodon webs too (if they don't care about possible consequences of deploying un-moderated content)

@dublinux Searching for "C++" seems to break it? Also, if someone shares a link, can I find all the people who shared such link? The few searches I tried didn't yield anything 🤔

To be honest I don't use it much. I've only tried basic keyword searches.


Unfortunately is often down and the server gives an error message.

It does seem to be unavailable some of the time although recently it has been online more as far as I can see.


@dublinux Glad I’ve been opted out of search indexing ever since it became an option.

@dublinux haven't heard of it until now and immediately used it 😎 😋

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