Have you made a search using the Google search engine in the past 3 months?

Incidentally if you want to move away from Google here's how to start:

Type into your URL bar.

Now stop and think.

Now type the backspace button 4 times.

Now type and hit the Enter key.

Congratulations your muscle memory is being rewired!

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@dublinux I always default to DDG, but sometimes the results aren't as good, which leads me to use Google in those instances.

@dublinux DDG is my default. I find its results are inferior to Google's, but only slightly, so I almost always tolerate it for the sake of not using Google.

There are times, however, when I'm looking for something specific and DDG can't find it, and I'll put the same string in Google and voila, there's the thing I need. But this is fewer than 1% of searches.

@dublinux I use google to search but I don't ever type btw

@dublinux but only because ddg doesn't search Google Scholar which I was hoping would turn up some research for my school paper

It might be possible to access actual academic databased through your local library website! (Which I've tended to get way better results from).

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