@sir The explosion in popularity of federation for 'social networks'(full ones, not simple email or irc), if it is ever to take place, will require a different implementation of ActivityPub(or other) than Mastodon/Pleroma/etc - probably one which is more Facebook-like.

Mastodon/Pleroma is a very good Twitter replacement but a Facebook replacement is what is required.

This will be much more likely to succeed if there is an accompanying advertising/propaganda push targeting Facebook/'normal internet' users.

@sir @dublinux I use friendica, and a few times people have asked me something like “wait, are *you* using facebook?”, so I guess it is pretty similar?

@dublinux No thanks. The federated world needs meaningful conversations and community building, not another addictive twitter/facebook/instagram/snapchate clone. Profitable attention traps are not beneficial paradigms.


I wasn't suggesting a wholesale cloning of Facebook.

The very fact it would be federated would make it fundamentally different. One single company would not control the network - but rather thousands or millions of instances would.

It is perhaps this fundamental characteristic of the network which has prevented Mastodon/Pleroma from degenerating into a toxic arena or to use your phrase a 'profitable attention trap'.

I don't know of any fedi instances which make a monetary profit.

@dublinux Mastodon differs from Twitter for being community-driven and yet the UX/UI discourages any complex conversation that require threding and categories (think of NNTP or mailing lists). Stars, boosts, follows, short messages... it's all the same dopamine-fueled paradigm of twitter, minus the money.

@dublinux @sir Friendica is probably your best bet for a Facebook replacement. It can federate with Mastodon and Pleroma as well.

Haven't really tied it though as I don't really need a Facebook replacement but it does seem to be okay form what I can tell.
@normandy @dublinux @sir I remember hearing about friendica, but I heard about XSS vulns and leaked DMs, I prefer to assume my posts are public to some extent anyway but maybe they fixed these vulnerabilities and it's all good now, I really dunno :cirno_laughing: I never used it either (small network, never took off like AP did)
@coyote Friendica uses AP IIRC. Like I've seen some posts form there end up on my timeline every now and then.
@normandy I thought friendica to AP was added recently and isn't how a friendica server talks to another friendica server? then again, fuck if I know
@coyote it like one of many it uses but I'm not sure which one is used for specifically communication between two Friendica instances. I don't know any more than you do, I don't use it either.
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