Mastodon is not, and possibly never can be, the platform which will break the Twitter/Facebook/Youtube monopoly.

It is a Twitter-clone with perhaps something more of a social dimension.

But to really take on Big Tech what the Fediverse needs is a viable alternative to Facebook and neither Mastodon nor Pleroma fulfills that function.

Mastodon/Pleroma are too ephemeral. Real connections can be made, but they are the exception that proves the rule.

The fediverse must evolve.

@dublinux A bit here and there. Nobody I know uses it and it's still under development afaik but it has pretty much all the stuff you'd want to use FB for and it's nominally AP-compatible

@wraidd @dublinux they need to get events working and a better UX, but the groundwork is definitely there and if I knew the language it was written in I'd definitely be a contributor.

I've got an instance at if you want to try it out

@dublinux yep that feels true. One would think that by now there would be a recognizable #foss contender to provide a #facebook alternative.

Maybe issue is that people are rewinding the tape to much, e.g the #solid project, leading to a fragmentation of efforts...

@dublinux #Friendica comes really close to offering a full-blown replacement to Facebook. It supports ActivityPub, DFRN, and Diaspora protocol. Huge suite of features, pretty good UI.

The only thing it lacks is good mobile clients.
@dublinux @deadsuperhero Zap is probably the most complete Facebook alternative available right now; but it isn't really a product or project. It's just me continuing to improve what I started with Mistpark/Friendica a decade ago. I'm not promoting it as a solution for your needs and I'm not competing with anybody, but if you're talking about Facebook alternatives you should at least be aware of the range of options available. I've also heard lots of ambitious talk about Aardwolf as a Facebook alternative but haven't yet seen anything I can sink my teeth into.
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