I've been hearing good things about for anyone who is interested in hosting their own services:


@dublinux @yunohost

our Web services of our non-profit organization is on a YNH #tricassinux

YNH propose a package for not-profit organizations :)


This is not something I was aware of. And it is definitely a disappointment.

I have not personally run it yet.

Do you mind my asking if you were able to identify which component in particular was making the calls?
I do know that they facilitate numerous services from within Yunohost so it would be interesting to know if it was the Yunohost code itself or one of the provided services.

As an aside it might be possible to use the Pi-hole component to prevent these calls.


Yes it's got to the point that you need to disable your network connection 'just in case' when installing new applications. Or even when browsing the internet, after the page has loaded.

Google are a menace - to the whole internet.

Hopefully the company will be broken up by an act of law.... but I'm not holding my breath.

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