Question on co-ops 

Does anyone know what the main differences are between the the co-operative instances and and approx how many active users they have?

And also if anyone knows of any other co-operative instances or instances with user voting for decision-making?

Question on co-ops 

I think that social votes for all of their decision making and only some of the users are members of the co-op where as SBC every user is a member and decision making is done on consensus. I could be wrong about tho

Our server stats say we have ~400 active users, doesn't list their user stats.

Question on co-ops 


Thanks for your reply.

Do you mind my asking if you have completley phased out voting(I seem to remember used to use for voting) in favour of consensus(it seems consensus might engage the community more than just a straight-up vote)? (I may be mis-understanding the use of the word consensus here).

I see quite a lot of sunbeamcity on my timeline and it's almost always interesting discussions.

Question on co-ops 

@dublinux We do still have loomio but we haven't used it in months because we have stabilized on governance and mastodon has votes tho not as good as loomio it is more accessible.

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