Not sure if most Mastodon :mastodon: website users know this but you can create custom columns in Mastodon with just a selection of the people you follow. The feature is called Lists. To access click on the three horizontal bars with tooltip text 'Getting Started'. Then click on Lists and add just the people you want. You can create multiple lists if needed. I know some people read the manual but others don't. You can also see all your favourited items in one place

@dublinux Well dang. I've been wondering what lists were 😂 That's really useful 🤔

@amolith I knew I wasn't the only one who doesn't read the manual. lol

@dublinux I would prefer include not only people but hashtags in Lists

@valeg Hashtag search would be a nice feature to add there. I thought someone said a few weeks ago here on Mastodon that there was some way to follow hashtags permanently(instead of typing in the main search box) but I'm not sure how to do it(or if it can be done).

@trwnh @valeg Got it. Search -> Click -> Show Settings -> Pin. Thanks.

@dublinux Aha - now this is most excellent. My 'Inner Circle of Trust' has been reinstated.

@dublinux Well almost - I can't selectively post to that list (like an group that Google ripped off for Circles) but hey, it's still excellent.

@dublinux Ooh an interesting tidbit. I can see the Lists menu entry but it has no elements to interact with. A bug in #Tusky 5.1, perhaps?

@_aD Once you have created your list it will only show entries as toots come in from the followed accounts. Depending on which accounts you follow this could be some time. Experiment with a prolific account perhaps? Not sure if this is what you are asking so I'll post a follow-up toot.


@dublinux Thank you for the detailed explanation, with your direction I can see how to manage Lists from the web browser. Looks like List management support is literally being added to Tusky as we speak :-)

@_aD I've never used tusky so I couldn't say.
At the top of the column in the web interface there is a space with text 'New list title'. Enter a new name there and click the plus sign.
This should add a new list. To populate the list in the top right corner of the column is an icon with tool-tip text 'Show Settings'. Click it and then 'edit list' and then search for people through the search box. If this is not in tusky here's an account that seems to be related to tusky: @ConnyDuck


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