The ability to acquire a near-full college education for almost free on the internet is now a reality. Most of the MOOCs (massively online open course) allow for access for zero cash to hundreds of hours of video classes and other materials. Computing is very well covered. Just search for the word MOOC in your favourite search engine. Access to tutors, lecturers and a certificate/diploma does, however usually cost money.

I'm hoping that this will force bricks and mortar universities to offer something that's actually educationally effective to justify their existence

@anne They've certainly had a bit of a monopoly up to now. As they stand it seems to me the old unis/colleges are very integrated with the MOOCS and I think that could be a problem down the road; for now though a free education is a free education. But we said a free search-engine, a free email provider, a free social-network etc were just that and that didn't turn out too well. I'd like to see MOOCS being provided by more independent providers in the future and perhaps funded from central taxation.

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