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it brings me absolutely no joy to say "called it"

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omg Apple just announced health data partnership with Elsevier at WWDC

🐦🔗: twitter.com/aj_boston/status/1

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The first place in the second annual #FediVision Song Contest, with 11 votes, is...

Song: Se llama el fediverso !
Country: Le BIM !

Congratulations to @iloth

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@eivind @specter

Hey, I voted for your song "go try reality", thought it was really great! :blobcat_mlem:

Very cheerful and catchy with fun lyrics and a nice "homemade" feel :blobcatheart:

Thank you for entering it, hope you do a song next year!


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Congratulations @iloth with your 1st place in the #fedivision ! Your #song rocks, it truly is a #fediverse #anthem!

"La red está cambiando,
vamos todos de camino,
Se llama fediverso!"

Good #vibes

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I want to thank everyone who took part in this year's #fedivision. It was a wonderful experience: the beautiful and diverse music, the encouraging comments, the community. Thank you, musicians, commenters, and people who listened! It was great fun and a thing of beauty.

So yes: Let's do this again!

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Wow, 1ère place au #Fedivision ! 🤯

Un grand merci à toustes pour vos votes et messages,
ça nous fait très plaisir !! 🥰

Merci aussi à @TQ et @zatnosk pour l'organisation, et à toustes les participant·e·s d'avoir fait vivre cet évènement ! 🤗

Plein d'amour pour le #fediverse, et pour l'alternative qu'il représente !

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#Fedivision was great fun, many thanks to the organizers! 👍
We are proud to have reached the top 5, especially considering that there was so much good music! Congratulations to all participants! 👏
Thank you to everybody who commented our song and/or voted for us! 🫶
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Welcome to the final hours of FediVision 2022!
Over the next three hours I'll present the 36 songs in a random order with a 5 minute gap between each song.

To vote for your favorite song, mention this bot and write "vote XXXX" where XXXX is the code announced along with the song. If you vote multiple times, only the last vote will count. If you wish to retract your vote, write "delete vote".

Voting will close in 4 hours, at 7PM CEST (5PM UTC)


Did you vote in the fedivision song contest?

(less than 6 hours left - closes 5pm UTC)

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Any mail coming from gmail is getting marked as spam and blackholed into nothingness. two can play this game damnit

my shortlist after a really difficult pruning process is:

Die Magie der Tausend Lande – Der Nekromant by wortspielfettgesicht
Make It Happen by Fadyalma
Specter by TQ
Unfuck This World by mux2000
Se llama el fediverso ! by iloth
Happy computer by rybson
Keyboard Hep Cat by futzle
Rings of Andor by pilum
Spaceship by diane
Birthright by draco

all can be listened to at fedivision.party/
voting is open and ends Saturday.

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"Hey chiquita 🎶 La red está cambiando 🎶 vamos por otro camino 🎶 se llama el #fediverso" 🥁

The song "Se llama el fediverso !" was the first one to make me pick up my ears and think "ok, now we are talking", when listening to the entries for #Fedivision 2022. Go check them out at fedivision.party!

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Surprise! You can *now* start listening to all the #fedivision #music! Find it on fedivision.party!

Voting will start tomorrow, 3 PM CEST.

Have fun and give some love to the musicians who made this possible! :blobhaj_heart:

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unfuck this world,
you know we got to unfuck this world: 🎵

fedi song contest:

How do you vote in the fedivision song contest? is it just replying to a thread with the four letter code or what?

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Hello once again to musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Music has been written! Forms has been filled out! And deadlines have been reached!

A grand total of 36 songs participate in this #FediVision2022.

They can all be found in a playlist on the website, so you can go listen to them right now!

Voting starts tomorrow, thursday at 15:00 CEST (3PM CEST, 1PM UTC).
Further info on how voting works will be shared tomorrow.

Stay tuned and let the listening begin!

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