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Poll about Trending Hashtags 

How useful do you find the trending hashtags feature to be?

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Hi folks! 9 years ago (to the day), the late Aaron Swartz made the first commit to SecureDrop, which was then called DeadDrop. Today the project is used by >70 media orgs around the world.

It's an open source whistleblower submission platform that uses the Tor network to protect source anonymity. We're also working on a next-generation integrated workstation for journalists based on Qubes OS:

We're happy to be here! #introductions

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k, can ppl tell me what's wrong with Keybase? I just can't be arsed to go look

(like wrong as in "did they get bought by fash" or something, not "did they tie to a ¢rypto", b/c that's one I know about and am willing to live with for now)

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okay yeah so if you feel it to help out (which all will be repaid back - this is a momentarily blip!) - hit me at$jackyalcine or

I can get y'all back on the 16th

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Question about printer for linux computer 

What are the main gotchas to look out for when buying a printer to work with a linux computer?

Do all printers nowadays just work with linux out of the box?

Are there any brands to avoid or to go for specifically?

Are Epson or Canon any good?

Usefulness of trending hashtags feature 

Personally I don't find trending hashtags very useful, although if more people used hashtags they might turn out to be more useful.

Also, if it was easy for instance admins to tweak the setup that also might help.

(See results for above poll: , ).

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If you don't know what it is you could always read Edward Snowden's 'Permanent Record'.

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Do you know what XKeyScore is?

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Hey fediverse,
i really have problems finding a working #FreeSoftware #keyboard for #android (actually #lineageOS with #microG) for the #chinese language. I tried to select Chinese in the android keyboard settings but it does not show up in the keyboard selection. Is this a known issue or can you recommend something i could do?

Please boost, to help me practice my language skills. ❤ #followerpower

Poll about the Free Software Foundation 

Guess how many members the Free Software Foundation has.

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Did you know that 94% of websites include at least one third-party resource and that the median page requests content from 9 different domains?

7 of the 10 most used third-party resources are owned by Google. Here's how to de-Google-ify your site

Poll about fedi movie night 

will be watching Paranoia tonight as part of the fedi movie night.

22:00 UTC

Are you going to watch along?

Trying to stop or reverse pervasive surveillance is about as likely to succeed as trying to stop 'Darwinian evolution' from developing eyes, and a brain to form memories from data seen by those eyes.

The genie is out of the bottle.

The only question now is who gets to control all the apparatus and data.

Will it be controlled by the few, or will the many take control?

Anyone know if and are still defederated from eachother?

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agonism [states that] political consensus is impossible and radical negativity cannot be avoided in a system where diversity is limited to similar competing groups within the same hegemonic order. [...] this process is visible on corporate social media platforms, in the way they shape and control discourse in order to stay within the bounds of what is acceptable for the liberal paradigm, which is aligned with their business interests. This has led to the radicalization of those who are excluded.

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For example, the possibility for some server implementations to federate based on white lists, which allows servers to interconnect on an opt-in rather than opt-out basis. Another proposed response is to extend ActivityPub[...] with stronger authorization methods based on an object-capability model of computer security, allowing parties to retroactively withdraw consent from other parties to see or use their data.

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the Fediverse grew from 200,000 to over 3.5 million accounts[...]. Rather than thwarting the network, defederation, self-governing communities, and the rejection of universality allowed the Fediverse to accommodate even more communities. The presence of different servers representing very distinct communities that each have their local culture and agency over their own slice of the network, without being isolated from the larger whole, is one of the more interesting aspects of the Fediverse

Light-hearted anti-Russian joke 

In Soviet fediverse movie watch you!

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