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Secretly planning,
They meet under a new moon;
Freedom will come soon.

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Instance Hazing Rituals they make you watch 100 hours of anime they chop off all your jeans into jorts while you’re asleep ritual sacrifice to Anna who is not a cult leader you all go out to drinks, it’s a lovely time
glitter kittens: you get glitter bombed they bury you and see if you sprout flowers don’t ask

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I'm convinced that every website should be #ActivityPub capable. All dumb walled gardens would be destroyed when we do this.

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How much longer is Facebook's gross negligence and deliberate disregard for security and privacy going to be tolerated?

Facebook must be broken up, and all tech companies must be comprehensively regulated.

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords unprotected

Two definitions of the word: Hacker Show more

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Any suggestions for a newbie on what distributed network has the following:
- long posts with good formatting
- comments
- messaging, both private and group chats
- very nice and modern design
- mobile apps for Android and iOS
- events and calendar
- private groups/channels for a limited audience
- moderation, be able to block a user from a group
- cross-posting from and to other services or a way to write a script for that (I'm a programmer myself)

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Can I set an independent abuse email address for a subdomain, so will be an will be Is that possible?
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I have been avoiding my RSS reader for some time now because it’s gotten out of hand. Over more than a decade I’ve subscribed to 100s of feeds, which I haven’t pruned as my interests have shifted. The end result was too much to keep up with.

Last night I marked all as read and will be reviewing each new item and unsubscribing from feeds that are no longer relevant to my interests. I hope that RSS can once again become a primary source of reading material for me. #RSS

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Check out some of my favorites, recommend some to me in comments and feel free to steal this image!

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@Sylphox Good luck! Check out and if you're into podcasts. They have all kinds of geeky information on them, some even useful.

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#PeerTube federation problem Show more

Linux terminal getting started Show more

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Most fediverse interaction
Gives a positive reaction.
Reducing by at least a fraction
Dumb-down hate's online traction.


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