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Disappearing messages should be the default for all messengers 💬. Most chat history has no reason to live a forever just like it is normal talking to people on phone or real life without recording the conversation 🔏

Planning to create a Mastodon account for Open source Android App. Which instance would you recommend?

Software performance gets worse as hardware performance gets better every year

Happened to search on mobile web instead of on for once and look at the number of ads

Raspberry Pi s are getting expensive every month. Probably because of the global semiconductor shortage. My old 1 gig RPI2 is still running fine and I have an extra one in case so I'll defer upgrading it for a while.

You can append/prepend "!" to your search on to directly open the first result. This saves an extra page load and clicks. Helpful while trying to access official websites, etc.
Example try searching for:
"hacker news !"
"! hacker news"

It seems thousands of Mazdas in the Seattle area are stuck on a single FM radio station 😂 .
First they blamed 5G and later said that a local radio station transmitted image files with no extension which broke the radios 🤷. I don't understand it but it is interesting

Castopod is on @podnews by @jamescridland!
(Although Podnews is not hosted by Castopod, this videoclip was made with Castopod 1.0-beta, available today, for free.)

Tax evasion story time:
In the 80's US imposed 25% import tax on pickup trucks. So Subaru added two fake jump seats in the back of their BRAT pickup truck to make it into a four seater passenger car, with only a 2.5% tariff 🤑🛻


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