Castopod is on @podnews by @jamescridland!
(Although Podnews is not hosted by Castopod, this videoclip was made with Castopod 1.0-beta, available today, for free.)

Tax evasion story time:
In the 80's US imposed 25% import tax on pickup trucks. So Subaru added two fake jump seats in the back of their BRAT pickup truck to make it into a four seater passenger car, with only a 2.5% tariff πŸ€‘πŸ›»


Today's weather 🌦️ report: at @fdroidorg again, with 47 updates and 2 new apps:

* Calculator: a "soft UI" calculator
* brainjogging: an app to train your brain

No idea what those are? You can check and try them out at no cost (not even personal data are collected πŸ˜‰)

Enjoy your with :awesome:

@Goldmaster @IzzyOnDroid @nextcloud Not sure if team will work on this but there are some apps (on Google Play, not open source) like Autosync that does this for Nextcloud.
I use Nextcloud and I am looking for this functionality too.

But I think Izzy specifically needs it for or rsync. Will have to see if we can schedule an cronjob using .

If you are an developer looking for ideas on a new app that might be missing:

➑️ a simple file/directory synchronisation app supporting WebDAV (and ideally also rsync via SSH) ⬅️

(no need for proprietary cloud solutions, just open standards) is definitely lacking in the FOSS world. Unfortunately, not even the Nextcloud Android app is capable of *synchronizing* selected directories bidirectionally. What a pity. Anyone?

Boosts welcome. Apps *VERY* welcome :awesome:

Bull thistle at a local park. Love the beautiful Golden angle spiral pattern (phyllotaxis).

#nature #flower #fibonacci #math

Had to fix the 0-day vulnerability on some of the projects I was working on. This is pretty widespread. Hope you'll still have a good weekend if your projects are using it.

πŸ“… Kalendar - a calendar app for KDE - is amazing!

You get support for Nextcloud, Google Calendar, Outlook, Caldav etc... with

πŸ” Synchronization
πŸ”” Reminders
βœ… Tasks
πŸ”— Imports

Offline QR Code Generator v1.8 has been released.

Focusing mostly on maintenance and new languages, so there is nothing freaking new, but a release was overdue.

Except that, you can of course continue to enjoy the simplicity of generating QR codes in your browser. πŸ˜‰

@Mawoka didn't know about libreddit before. I've been using Teddit for a while now and never had any issues. Will check out libreddit 😊

Do you you prefer #Teddit or #libreddit?

Oh, @DuckDuckGo has a new tracker checker in the makes:

"A new App Tracking Protection feature in its Android app will automatically block third-party trackers across all other apps. Users will also be able to see which apps want to track them and where they’re trying to send data."

@mochsner Hi!! If you are on Android with Google app installed: Open Google app -> Manage account -> Data & Privacy -> Location history -> Off 😊

Google says I did not shared any location history in the past 5 years and I am proud of it πŸ˜ƒ

@Blort I was educating many of my friends about this over the years πŸ˜€

@dsoft It amazes me how many people don't understand that earning 1% on a bank account with 4% inflation means the value of your savings are going in reverse...

When you need to generate a temp file while writing scripts (typically used to store intermediate results), consider using "mktemp" utility which is bundled with most Unix/Linux based distros.

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