1.17 released
• 🗣️ New and improved translations
↳ 🇹🇷🆕 Turkish (Türkçe) by Tansel Karakaya
↳ 🆕 Basque (Euskara) by Joxe Rojas
↳ 🇲🇽🆕 Spanish MX (Español) by germe-fur
↳ 🇷🇺 Russian (Pусский) by @CRLF
• ✨ Updated underlying libraries for stability and security
• 🌐 Website metadata improvements by Mawoka

Get it: watomatic.app

Detailed release notes with links to contributor profiles here: github.com/adeekshith/watomati

1.16 released
• 🤝 Allows other apps to suggest relevant auto reply messages
• 🗣 New and improved translations for
↳ 🇪🇸🆕 Español (Spanish)
↳ 🇷🇺🆕 русский (Russian)
↳ 🇳🇱 Nederlands (Dutch)
↳ 🇫🇮 Suomi (Finnish)

Get it: git.io/watomatic

Detailed release notes: github.com/adeekshith/watomati

📢 Shout out to @Mawoka for improving website. Removed insecure connections, cookies, made it support multiple languages, added German translation, eliminated CDNs and much more. 👏👏😃

▸ git.io/watomatic

Also checkout Mawoka's website: mawoka.eu.org/

1.13 released with auto reply for Facebook Messenger 🎉. Many users were asking for this to and it is finally here. 😃
Available for download via @IzzyOnDroid repo. F-droid and other stores might take about a week to update. Let me know how you like it.
▸ apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/index/a
▸ git.io/watomatic

v1.11 released
• 🇩🇪 New German (de-rDE) translations by r/watomatic member u/11equals7
• 🇳🇱 New Dutch (nl-rNL) translations by r/watomatic member u/Marruk14
• 🏃 Performance improvements
• ➚ Check our Github release page for details:

Available for download via IzzyOnDroid repo. Google Play and F-Droid might take a few days to get updated: git.io/watomatic

is getting lots of ❤️ from Germany thanks to @IzzyOnDroid and rest of the community. Translating to German is a priority now 😃! Unfortunately, no stats for F-droid and IzzyOnDroid where the app might be more popular. Might consider adding opt-in analytics to get a better picture (although I hate it). Looking for feedback on how other devs handle stats and crash/error reports.

got mentioned on Ghacks. Looks like a mild/quick review without much detail but its a good start! 😀
Wish I had a chance to communicate with the author and give some details and context but may be next time.


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