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Google says I did not shared any location history in the past 5 years and I am proud of it 😃

When you need to generate a temp file while writing scripts (typically used to store intermediate results), consider using "mktemp" utility which is bundled with most Unix/Linux based distros.

If you are earning same as last year, you are actually earning less.
Because... 👻

Why use "top" when you have "htop" 😍
"htop" command is pretty awesome to visualize resource utilization. Never got to wrap my head around the "top" command.

Received two spam calls at the same time so I put them on conference 🤣

Another outage 🙁
I now have many contacts on and this is getting difficult. Wish decentralized systems like or should have been mainstream.

My tiny little HTTP proxy server is enduring attacks form past few days. The scripts which extract abusive IPs from logs are having difficulty running as these millions of requests are generating gigabytes of logs. Updated logrotate from daily to hourly which helped reduce the current log size and it is still running 😪

New client looks pretty slick 👌
Love the new adaptive icon too❣️ Thanks @fdroidorg team for the modernization efforts!

This person does not exist! It is generated by a - generative adversarial network (a deep learning technique)

Check this for more:

Is there a good reason why companies want us to install apps even when a website or PWA would suffice? 😕
Well, other than they sit on our device and collect more data 🕵️. Reddit, Comcast, Facebook and so many others do this.

I frequently need to do tasks like finding sum of file sizes locally or on HDFS and always proves helpful.

I am moving away from , Dropbox, etc. Self hosting private cloud on a running with 2TB storage attached. Not necessarily because Google Photos is ending their free plan but mainly for , independence and fun 😀. Tried to run but it is too slow on this tiny machine.

Google is planning to restrict "Advertising ID" access in the future if the user opts out. Sounds good but does that mean all this time advertisers were able to track us even if we opt-out?

New notification feature is not enabled by default for existing users to preserve functionality. You can enable them in Settings. Open Watomatic -> click on three dots on top right -> Settings -> Enable "Show notification for replied messages"

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Started running an old home server. Static pages are super fast ⚡ but runs like a sloth 🦥. Will see if there are any light weight alternatives that can run on this ( ?). Suggestions are welcome 😊

Firing up an old after a long time. Planning to self host with external hard drive but not sure if this can hold up. Let's see.

Squashing code using try-with-resources, BufferedReader.lines() feels 😇

Bash can generate string combinations like this. Helpful to generate range of dates and stuff like that.

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