Raspberry Pis are out of stock from a long time now. I was trying to place a back order and it estimates to be shipped in one year (5/9/2023) 😕
I need to find an alternative soon to keep running my self hosted Nextcloud instance if the current one dies. One died last month but luckily I had a spare.

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@saramg You should put that up on Ebay. Some might even buy 😄

@dsoft look for alternative small linux boxes like a NUC or equivalent.
Ive been waiting for pis too... I want a octoprint pi..

@xorowl Yeah, I found another SBC ODROID-C4. Seems to be decent although it is being sold at twice the original price on Amazon. Still debating if I want to get that.

I'd suggest to be a used laptop or nuc. These things are as expensive as a new raspberry pi, can be upgraded and are available. They may consume a bit more power but it's like 10-15w in idle. If you get a laptop, you even have a powee-backup, also if the battery is old and unusable as a laptop-battery!

@Mawoka that is true. I actually have an old laptop which I hardly use. I'll give that a shot 😊

@Mawoka Almost 9 years old but has i5, 8GB ram. It is running latest Ubuntu and still usable. It is old but not frequently used so still in decent shape except for the battery which lasts for a half hour on full charge.

Sounds like a great candidate! I'd recommend you to install Proxmox instead of Ubuntu!

@dsoft Bonjour. Il existe un site qui répertorie les disponibilités des Raspberry.

Je suis le flux rss, on ne sait jamais.

@dsoft I've been trying to get one for a long time for multiple projects, but I refuse to pay a hundred dollars for a computer that should be a fraction of that.

@dsoft I was on the same boat and decided to breathe live back into an old Chromebook that I had laying around and I am extremely happy with the results.
Some of the pros:
- Built-in battery (no need for UPS)
- Built-in screen
- Built-in keyboard
- Depending on the model, more processing power than a RPi
- Runs Linux
- USB port(s)
I use it as a router, load balancer and as a node in my Nomad cluster.
You can find them 2nd hand for cheap online.

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