@dsoft I usually have pretty good previews with @k9mail . Your screenshot *looks* like the sender put html code in the plain text part of the message. Email supports two separate bodies: Plain text and HTML. I usually make the opposite mistake in my code and put plain text in the HTML part, but some people only send one body -- and forget to send the *correct* body that matches the content.

Blame the sender, not the tool(s).

@dsoft If you see HTML in the preview, it means the text/plain part of the message contains that HTML rather than plain text. Sadly, this happens quite a bit. We have plans to improve the preview. See github.com/k9mail/k-9/issues/5

@cketti Thanks for the explanation. Yeah this is one of those things where the app is going it right but for the users, the app is to blame because other commercial apps show the previews well 😊
Thanks for your work!!

@dsoft But now you can use this opportunity to let the sender know that they're sending broken emails 😄

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