Why use "top" when you have "htop" 😍
"htop" command is pretty awesome to visualize resource utilization. Never got to wrap my head around the "top" command.

For me, it was the other way around. I started with htop, discovered top and decided to enter top never again!

Interesting! "top" on the same machine (excluding process list) looks like this. May be I should learn to appreciate it. Or do you have any tips to make better sense of the used/free resources?

I always use top, just because it was preinstalled on my last distrohop and it works, so I never bothered looking for something else.

@65536 @dsoft wise choice! I do the same. It might not be pretty one but it gwts the job done.

@dsoft if you like shinny things and like to play in terminal, i am just gonna leave one program name here: `bpytop`

It is really good

@b847c1960 Wooo... more eye candy... Love itt! Thanks for letting me know! But I think I'll have to settle down with as is already pre installed on all our work machines and also is a native binary unlike which needs and probably more library dependencies to run 😊

@dsoft oh no. You sound like you are ready... go into shell scripting and build something. Oh the tragedy, we lost another dear soul :sadness:

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