Received two spam calls at the same time so I put them on conference 🤣

@dsoft We used to torture fax spammers with infinite fax sendings for 5 min back then, looks similar.

@dsoft we let the device transport 2 A4 papers connected vertically with tape enough to be able to tape-connect the sheets' free ends too: loop installed.

@mupan Oh gosh! 🤯
They totally messed with the wrong person 🤣

@dsoft there was a guy back who did prank phone calls years ago where he would call two restaurants, place an order with one and ask the person to read back his order, then conference in the second restaurant and listen to the ensuing chaos. Reminds me of that

@dsoft I have only had one spam call my entire life, decades ago. A tape recording of some celebrity. Hurry for social democracy.

For the Americans: would it be possible to create an AI app with a nice wide range of voices to answer spam calls?

A #Turing #Spam #App. We could organize an annual competition which app kept the spammers busy the longest.

> I have only had one spam call my entire life

🤯 Where on this beautiful earth do you live?
I am in the US and I receive at-least 2 to 5 spam calls every day 😩.

> A Turing spam App.

Thats an awesome idea unfortunately requires root access for apps to intercept phone calls and it is not at all possible on . We can use services like to make apps like this but that wont be cheap 😔

@dsoft Two to five calls a day? That is madness.

I have lived in The Netherlands and Germany. Spam calls are illegal and apparently the fines are high enough (including fines for the telecoms that allow such companies to abuse their network).

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