Another outage 🙁
I now have many contacts on and this is getting difficult. Wish decentralized systems like or should have been mainstream.

And I thought I just got unpopular all of a sudden. Thanks for mentioning it.

I love Signal, but I do wish I was able to go more decentralized.

You need to start somewhere. E.g. I migrated my family to XMPP by basically setting up on their phones and telling them it’s the only way to contact me. Then a very small group of technical friends. That’s actually the group of people I regularly talk to so I don’t mind that my roster is tens of people not hundreds 🤷

Very nice! I am planning to setup an server myself too. would have been great as it supports by default but official Matrix server seems to be a resource hog to self host compared to

Haha, that’s exactly the same reasoning I used (resources)!

I’m hosting the XMPP server on a minimal DigitalOcean droplet but there are people that use Raspberry Pis :) and for Matrix I’m using it for other projects on a server hosted by a friend but they warned me “not to join big rooms or it will be problematic” :) and Siskin iOS also have E2EE enabled by default so be sure to recommend these two (sadly doesn’t do that :( ).

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