Is there a good reason why companies want us to install apps even when a website or PWA would suffice? 😕
Well, other than they sit on our device and collect more data 🕵️. Reddit, Comcast, Facebook and so many others do this.

Maybe because the native APIs can spy better! E. G. You would never allow a website to access your files, but for an app, it is more likely. But that is only my opinion!

Agree! It is easy to make native apps run in the background and call home with our collected data even if we are not using the app.
In their defense, native apps can be faster so it is okay to have it as an option. Recommending a native app is fine but blocking content to website users unless they install an app is a bit too much.

I completely agree with you! But today, many "native" apps are still built with web-technologies like react or so

@dsoft Well, if you need to: Infinity on Android from can be your Reddit client. @IzzyOnDroid

@mupan @IzzyOnDroid
I am using a web wrapper with different user agent, etc but it is a constant fight to keep it working. Will try Infinity. Thanks 😊

A second thought: they make it, so people rate the app in the app store, so people who explore the AppStore will notice this app so the service gets more popular

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