I am moving away from , Dropbox, etc. Self hosting private cloud on a running with 2TB storage attached. Not necessarily because Google Photos is ending their free plan but mainly for , independence and fun πŸ˜€. Tried to run but it is too slow on this tiny machine.

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Yet to figure out good backup strategies though πŸ€”.
Because self hosting is all fun until one fine day when the hardware breaks.

@dsoft just did this with my brother. So worth getting off the big platforms.

@dsoft first, I think nextcloud is better. You might set it up in a docker instance, I recommend for that.
Second, connect a secondary drive and set up a Cron to rsync to the second drive.
Now you have flexibility to jump to a new device, and a backup on a different drive.

The third layer is harder; an off-site backup. Money and trust to exchange

I like Nextcloud too but it was too slow on this old Raspberry pi model 2. Will give it another try with the docker images you mentioned.

Yeah rsync to another disk is a good idea! Will do that.

Remote backups is where I am stuck too. If I can find an encrypted backup solution, I can offer a friend free storage in exchange for running remote backup server at their place. πŸ˜ƒ
Owncloud files are encrypted but file names are not. Guess it is the same for Nextcloud. Will see.

Thank you!!

@dsoft Model 4 might work better for you. Isn't the 2 still using usb2?

@xorowl Yes it uses USB 2. Agree! I might need an upgrade soon. 😊

Thank you!! A few improvements I made since my last post:
β€’ Running using . Good that it stores files as-is without any weird formatting unlike
β€’ I am now using file system which has similar features like like parity checks, snapshots, etc
β€’ Auto Btrfs snapshots every few hours, daily and weekly
β€’ Daily rsync backups to a different disk but same location

Feels relatively safe now 😊

ToDo: Planning to have an encrypted remote backup at a friend's place soon

@dsoft @m2m why'd you switch from owncloud to nextcloud? I'm thinking about taking the plunge and setting up my own Google drive alternative. As always, trying to figure out the best tool before committing!

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