Watomatic 1.15 released 🥳
•🔔 🆕 Get notified for replied messages setting
•🐞 Fixed replying to image in groups issue
•🆕 Show release notes in the app
•🗣 New translations:
↳🇳🇱 Dutch
↳🇫🇮 Finnish
↳🇫🇷 French
↳🇩🇪 German
↳🇮🇩 Indonesian
↳🇮🇹 Italian
↳🇮🇳 Tamil

▸ Get it: git.io/watomatic

❤️ Support:
↳Liberapay: liberapay.com/dk/
↳PayPal: paypal.me/deek

Detailed review notes: github.com/adeekshith/watomati


New notification feature is not enabled by default for existing users to preserve functionality. You can enable them in Settings. Open Watomatic -> click on three dots on top right -> Settings -> Enable "Show notification for replied messages"

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