Started running an old home server. Static pages are super fast ⚡ but runs like a sloth 🦥. Will see if there are any light weight alternatives that can run on this ( ?). Suggestions are welcome 😊

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What are the loading times for nextcloud? Did you setup apcu (or acpu, don't know how to spell it)? Normal loading times are ~5-10 seconds for the dashboard

It is taking about 30 sec to login and almost the same time to load a 1 MB image. Also throws server errors once in a while. I think it is too old (Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1). I heard is light weight compared to Nextcloud. Will see if that works.

This is sth like memcache or redis I think. It makes nextcloud really much faster

@Mawoka Nice! Yeah that might help. Thanks for letting me know about it 😃

Did you use nextcloudpi? Or did you set it up "from scratch"?

@Mawoka From scratch. Came to know about Nextcloud Pi after I already installed haha.

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