is getting lots of ❤️ from Germany thanks to @IzzyOnDroid and rest of the community. Translating to German is a priority now 😃! Unfortunately, no stats for F-droid and IzzyOnDroid where the app might be more popular. Might consider adding opt-in analytics to get a better picture (although I hate it). Looking for feedback on how other devs handle stats and crash/error reports.

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@dsoft Ah, common – is that really worth it? "Curiosity killed the cat" 🤣 It's good that your app is becoming popular as it will help users migrating and improving on their privacy. Adding analytics doesn't go well with that goal.

@IzzyOnDroid Haha and it is also a lot of work (without using those SDKs) so I may never do it too.
But a few things:
• When users report the app is not working, was considering to provide a way for them to share debug logs (similar to what Signal does)
• Play store stats are how I am able to optimize which languages to prioritize and others so it does help a bit. Also knowing if we have 0 users or a million users will help spend time wisely 😃.


@IzzyOnDroid ... Definitely not implementing in the near future and will include you if this discussions comes up.

@dsoft for the report part: see – IIRC Crashy provides that. ACRA also has such an option.

Translations: Use a service like Weblate and advertize that. The more users from one language you have, the more candidates for translation => self-regulating. Here's one run by an F-Droid contributor:

0 users: already far past that 🤣 But raw download counts I can provide every now and then from my repo if needed.


> Crashy provides that ACRA also has such an option

Cool! Will look into this.


I did'nt know better so I did set up Crowin for translations (someone on reddit suggested) but then came to know about @Bubu 's Weblate instance. Will consider moving in there soon.

> raw download counts I can provide every now and then from my repo

Yayy that really helps 😃

> 0 users: already far past that

🤣 I am actually very glad

Thanks for the guidance Izzy! I am learning a lot!

@dsoft gladly! And 600 downloads from my repo since Feb 28., about 380 of those via an F-Droid client.

@IzzyOnDroid Nice! That is good to know. Will to push Facebook auto reply feature in a week and hopefully that gets us more 😃

There is a new version 1.10 on your repo updated today with major under the hood improvements fixing most of the blockers for Facebook support.

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