Destructuring assignment in

str="sedan honda civic"
read type brand model <<< "$str"

echo $type # sedan
echo $brand # honda
echo $model # civic

favicons are awesome! Crisp image and dark mode detection among other features.

Have you seen already? It's an distribution for your PCs! And here's the best part: It comes pre-loaded with and the promise to respect your .

Hello Fediverse!
Almost 9 years after our very first tweet announcing the creation of the project, we're now happy to publish our very first toot :blobcatheadphones:

We are an international team of contributors of code and otherwise. Together we work on the the most popular open source podcast app for Android. And we would love to get you on board 👉

What we like to do in our spare time? Listening to podcasts!

#introduction #podcast #OpenSource #FOSS #Android #Java

I've just tried out the latest version of @inkscape and I'm stunned! So clean, modern and just fantastic! 👍

The dark mode is great and I like the pre-start screen very much where you can choose your document's size based on templates like DIN-A4, 4K or program icons. There are also templates for social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

What about adding Mastodon headers to the templates? 😉

All voluntarily? MakeUseOf reports:

Google Sneakily Installed COVID Tracking App on Androids

Android users in Massachusetts noticed that Google auto-installed the state's exposure tracking app.

may not support rich formatting but you can use "Irregular expressions" keyboard on to get some formatting done.
It allows typing in 𝗯𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝘪𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘤 u͟n͟d͟e͟r͟l͟i͟n͟e͟d͟ ̶s̶̶t̶̶r̶̶i̶̶k̶̶e̶ ᵗᶦⁿʸ 𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚜𝚙𝚊𝚌𝚎 🅐🅝🅓 🄾🅃🄷🄴🅁 𝒻𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓎 𝕤𝕥𝕪𝕝𝕖𝕤 using Unicode. Also available on @fdroidorg.

Whow, I have just built the complete #android 10.0 #sdk completely from sources using #docker.

No need to get any binaries from google.

You can find the recipes here:

Simply go into the folder and run make and relax.

However, the downloading & building took approx. 15h on my machine :joy:, but was successful 🥳

Helped a friend self host Owncloud instance so they can move away from Google drive. But it can only be accessed locally. Comcast's router makes port forwarding very difficult. They are liking it but external access would have been great 😕

We officially deny that Delta Chat is related to the #DeltaVariant even if we are often internally using "Delta" to refer to Delta Chat -- and our apps are a variant mutation of regular e-mail and messaging apps :)

:tor: well, that was easy: http://wgq3bd2kqoybhstp77i3wrzbfnsyd27wt34psaja4grqiezqircorkyd.onion/

Took literally under five mins to set up this mirror. First-party URLs are re-written, which means the site is built twice in CI.

This person does not exist! It is generated by a - generative adversarial network (a deep learning technique)

Check this for more:

Is something exactly like #NFC out there, but with a wider rang (thinking about 50cm-100cm)?

If you're posting a video on PeerTube, it's a good idea to give it lots of relevant tags.

Tags on PeerTube are interpreted by Mastodon etc as hashtags, and people will be able to find your video more easily.

However, be aware that tags with spaces in them are ignored by Mastodon etc, even though PeerTube allows them.

To make sure people can find your video, only use tags without spaces. For multiple words, use CamelCase.

#PeerTubeTips #PeerTips #FediTips #PeerTube #Hashtags #Fediverse

After having used 'Truth' for a bit every other testing library is kind of bad...

My kids are asking me for #KDE on their laptop because they want wobbly windows that shatter into pieces when you close them. Do not underestimate the power of these kind of features to win users and make computing and tinkering fun!

@ConnyDuck Thanks a lot! No pressure of course – whenever it's ready. Glad to read you're open to it!

So everyone who's able to: Conny said Pull Requests for @unifiedpush support are welcome at ! Anyone out there who can provide such? I'm no Android dev, so all I can do is making a for help from this great community here. Would be really awesome to have free, libre push messages in our free, libre apps!

Is there a good reason why companies want us to install apps even when a website or PWA would suffice? 😕
Well, other than they sit on our device and collect more data 🕵️. Reddit, Comcast, Facebook and so many others do this.

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