@biguenique @cambridgeport90 @koherecoWatchdog the main reason was performance and requirements. Gitlab took 3-4 GB of RAM on my server, and it was a mix of several fat Ruby services. Gitea only takes 150-200 MB,way less disk space, and only one service running.

Then there was the fact that Gitlab recently broke git and gitaly now provides its own executable. This is another no go for me: a git server should be able to deal with the vanilla git, not push its own implementation.

Lastly, Gitlab's recent desperate moves towards profitability and its main focus on paying business customers and cloud hosting reminded me that it's bad to use a product made by a company that doesn't prioritize your use-case.

plans to delete all repositories that have no commits in over an year 🥺
Of course they have the freedom to do what keeps their business going but I am glad I did not migrate to it. Thinking of instance for the future.


Is your old computer unbearably slow? Replacing the Hard disk with SSD is usually a quick and cheap way to upgrade it ⚡

Repurposing an old Android phone as a web server: lbrito1.github.io/blog/2020/02

Did not try that yet but that is interesting. Long time ago I ran a web server on Android (Moto G1) using some app on Play Store and that was fast for static sites. May be we can host a static blog or something. It's a shame to throw away those well running old phones.

Raspberry Pis are out of stock from a long time now. I was trying to place a back order and it estimates to be shipped in one year (5/9/2023) 😕
I need to find an alternative soon to keep running my self hosted Nextcloud instance if the current one dies. One died last month but luckily I had a spare.

I had to change all ".txt" files in a directory to ".md" so did this:

$ for txtFile in $(find . -type f -name '*.txt' -print); do mv "$txtFile" "${txtFile%.*}.md" ; done

is banning all call recording apps from Play Store 😕

> The Accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording.


investing billions in Twitter instead of starting a cheap instance is a missed opportunity.
Remember hoards of normies installed app last year because of his tweets

: An open source quiz platform (like Kahoot!) made by @Mawoka

I like it and would use it for my house parties next time!

Check it out: classquiz.mawoka.eu

It is a new project so let the author know if you have any feedback and possibly help them fix it: github.com/mawoka-myblock/Clas

@Mawoka actively contributes to other open source projects so any support is welcome (Boosts, Github stars,…) 😊

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Oh btw! To all new users, we host many more alternate services that can replace the need for main stream social media like YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter etc..

Take a look here to see what we've got in stock for you, all free of charge and no ads or tracking!


Hmm.. you would say.. but where is the money made then?!

Well, that is totally up to YOU!❤️ I love running these services and hope maybe some of you would be able to help me out with the costs of these services :blobcathearts:
You can see how you can donate here: mstdn.social/about/more#suppor

Welcome to the world of free open source software! ❤️

I heard a friend saying their project's JIRAs disappeared. May be this is what happened:

Atlassian: Our team ran a script to delete legacy data from a deprecated service. Instead of deleting the data the script erroneously deleted sites, and connected products, users...

Source: linkedin.com/posts/atlassian_u

Android 13 brings runtime permissions to notifications. Which means apps cannot send notifications without user's approval.

This means additional work as a developer but like it as a user. Hope this will reduce the notification spam.


Disappearing messages should be the default for all messengers 💬. Most chat history has no reason to live a forever just like it is normal talking to people on phone or real life without recording the conversation 🔏

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