Testing if syncing to the birdsite is still active. If so I might start using Mastodon as my primary interface with it.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: @KamalaHarris@twitter.com is almost definitely going to be the most consequential VP in history as the tie-breaker for the Senate.

I have the fastest [intel] MacBook Pro available and Gbit internet, and it still takes an hour to install XCode, what in the actual fuck?!

Anyone else feel like they've been watching CNN for 8 weeks straight… just tonight?

Nothing says you’re making the right decision like bringing in the National Guard before announcing it. Good grief.

My kid is learning to tell jokes. It’s not going well, but today was unintentionally funny:

8: What do you get if you cross a shark and a tornado?

Wife: A Sharknado?

8: how did you guess?!

Wife: like the movie…


After 8 years of doing DevRel, I’m delighted to announce that I have joined BlackCart as Staff Engineer.

With this role I will be moving back to Engineering full time. I’m really excited to be working primarily with PHP and Laravel again.

We’re hiring: angel.co/company/blackcart/job

When your day starts off with your company as a CNN headline, it's a bad day. Sorry Slack friends, it'll get better <3

Me: do we have any of those… yellow things that tell people stuff??

Wife: yellow... things? Post-it Notes?!

Me: you get me!

Me: so we have any of those… yellow things that tell people stuff??

Wife: yellow... things? Post-it Notes?!

Me: you get me!

Me: I should definitely go to bed



Today is my last day at Lyft… I start my next gig on Monday and I'm so excited to tell y'all about it!

For now though: where do I need to update my bio?! I always forget somewhere…

I need to read three more books before midnight... quick, what are your favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy short reads?!

Do you have to have your DMs open to receive replies in Fleets from people you don't follow? I am still very confused that I have to slide into peoples DMs to reply :|

Is there anything more annoying on the web today (that isn't a social network) than Pinterest and it's anti-patterns? I seriously hate every interaction that lands on their site. Google should delist them in search results like they did ExpertsExchange 🤬

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