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The only realistic way to a Democrat senate under Biden is a 50/50 split with the VP tie breaker. In that case, Kamala Harris could be the most consequential VP in modern history.

The only realistic way to a Democrat senate under Biden is a 50/50 split with the VP tie breaker. In that case, Kahala Harris could be the most consequential VP in modern history. might I suggest KEY RACE INSIGHT! The word Alert loses all meaning if nothing is changing!

Just a few weeks ago people applauded for criticizing the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice, now he's speaking out and agreeing with Trump as he attacks our very democracy. you are a disgrace.

I really hope that if Biden wins, he celebrates the SMALLEST inauguration in [modern] American history β€” because that's what a response to Coronavirus demands 😷

brand of morality? Fuck you. Fuck your intolerance, your ignorance, and your entire ideology.

This country is broken, and I do not believe that Biden, nor Harris, have the force of will to make things right.

Only the people can do that, and we failed.

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There is no two sides bullshit here. When one side just wants to let people love who they love, live how they want to live, and ensure that everyone has a fair shot, but the other side exists only to restrict, reject, endanger, and hate those who don't follow their particular…

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Even with a Biden win, we're looking at an opposing Senate, that is led by a rotting flesh bag who is very capable of blocking the President as we all know from Obama. I don't see how he can do it, but Biden MUST enact sweeping radical changes against fascism, racism, and bigotry

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But. There is one opinion that is rarely said loudly, and so the only conclusion I can come up with is:

There's a lot of silent racists in this country.

And yes, I know MANY of those other awful views have racist underpinnings, but at least they have the courtesy to pretend.

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With even more voters supporting Trump this election it's clear there is a large silent block of voters there. Why are they silent? Being anti- abortion, gay marriage, equal rights, social state, immigration, etc. are all accepted views that people often, and loudly, voice. 1/?

How can you have lived through the last four years and move from not voting to voting trump? By being a fucking sociopath that's how. Sickening.

I have never had such a bad customer experience as I'm having with over a bug (missing info in the UI) causing my kid to purchase a first-party item that doesn't work.

They are refusing to refund 700 Robux, a digital currency with zero cost to them. Ridiculous 🀬

I've been contributing to for 15 months now, planting over 700 trees and offsetting almost 50 tonnes of CO2. Their transparency and info about where money goes is great.

If you can, you should sign up and help fight climate change too:

Wow, my 3-in-1 wireless charger died less than three weeks after the warranty expired… can some one say planned obsolescence? Anyone?

Guess I'll get something MagSafe?

Who's brilliant idea was it to fill the kids up with candy and then fuck with the clocks?!

Anyone else regretting the iPhone 12/Pro choice as too big? I have small hands and am considering returning my 12 Pro for a 12 Mini…

It's a great introduction to the glossary of machine learning, as well as the process and basic theory.

It's intended to be listened to podcast style, but I listened and took notes as that's how I retain.

A++ highly recommend!

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A few months back, launched their beginner friendly ML audio course bundle and I snapped it up, mostly because is awesome.

Well, today I listened to the entire first course, A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning and learned a TON.

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I think it's important for Senior folks to talk about this stuff so:

One of the areas of tech that intimidates me is Machine Learning. Imposter syndrome tells me I'm not smart enough to learn it.

So I did something about it:

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