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I have definitely reached the no-I'm-not-turning-on-my-webcam-for-this-meeting hair style now :/

Did you hear Apple is transitioning Mac to ARM and 's killers still haven't been arrested?

Us: we want to edit tweets!


Us: we want better moderation tools and security


Us: delete the presidents account, stand up to fascists & bigots



Twitter: introducing voice tweets! We can't even monitor/moderate text, voice will be fiiiiine!

Achievement unlocked: get called a Cuck by a MAGA supporting bigot.

Yup, that's definitely going to stop me from standing up for peoples rights. My poor fragile masculinity. πŸ™„

I started playing the Witcher III this weekend, enjoying it so far. It's like a good Skyrim!

Dear, why the fuck don't SMS get filtered into the Unknown Senders tab? Given that iMessage requires Apple hardware (at least software), which do you think is going to be used the most for spam/phishing/etc? I've had less iMessages filtered ever than SMS scams *today* 🀬

You know, I was looking forward to but after the last few months... I've had more than enough dystopian future thanks.

As always, remember, love is love, and for those struggling, to find their place, to understand their way of being, to find acceptance, to become who they were meant to be: I love you especially, because you are worthy of love, from whomever you want in whatever way you want.πŸ’–πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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So. Off to Photoshop I went, and I created this, instead. And now I want to share it with you. You can find the originals here:

- GIF:
- PSD:

Do with them as you wish, so long as it's for love.

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There was a message in the Lyft Slack about Pride-related activites, somebody reacted with πŸ™Œ, so, I reacted with a custom emoji I created when I started β€”Β :raise-pride: β€” and immediately noticed in contrast that I had used an image of my πŸ™ŒπŸΌ, rather than the β€œdefault" yellow. 😳

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I was going to start Pride off with a story about how I realized my own inherent bias recently and corrected it, it seems even more poignant now:

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We must remember that struggle, and we must continue to fight for those struggling. BUT we can't forget about the struggle of others, it is not an either-or. We must su’port each other, listen to each other, fight for each other, and remember an individual might have many fights.

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Pride is a celebration of everything LGBTQIA+, when we encourage and uplift those around us who believe love is love. It is also a remembrance of those who have gone before, from Stonewall, those fighting the AIDS epidemic, all the way through to Larry Kramer just last week.

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I've been struggling with how to tweet about this for most of the day, but I just have to say what I'm going to say and hope.

Today is the start of . And the country β€”Β in particular black and brown folks β€”Β are hurting so badly right now.

TIL you can buy a commercial soft serve ice cream maker for less than $1500, do with that what you will.

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